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Mobile Learning

The mobile education revolution is finally here. The evidence of mobile penetration and adoption is irrefutable: smartphones, personal digital assistants (PDAs), portable game devices, MP3 and MP4 players abound and can be found everywhere. Since 2000, there is considerable interest from technical developers and educators in exploiting the universal appeal and unique capabilities of mobile technologies for the use in education.

M-learning (mobile learning) is an emerging concept as educators are beginning to explore the use of mobile technologies in teaching and learning environments. In a mobile learning scenario, students can access their learning materials from anywhere: on the bus, at the cafeteria, or waiting in line. Also, students can easily contact fellow students, check e-mail, or get feedback from their instructors. Unlike being limited to working on-line in a computer lab, at the library, or at home, students can access on-line materials regardless of their location.

M-learning will not replace traditional learning. It just provides another way of learning using new mobile technology. I believe the mobile devices are useful in education both as administration, organization and teaching aids for practitioners, and also as learning support tools for students. As educators, I think we should embrace the rich learning enhancing possibilities that m-learning already provides and will provide even more so in future. M-learning fulfils the growing demands for life-long learning opportunities that enable learners to “learn while you earn on the go”.

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