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Video Messaging with Eyejot


Email is an effective communication tool. Nevertheless, video email is much more fun since it is visual and you can impart emotion, tone, and energy. Video messaging has been around for several years. However, the concept has not yet taken off for some reasons. Taking the flexibility of email and putting it in video form, Eyejot is one of the comprehensive, client-free video-messaging platform ideal for both personal and business communications. Eyejot offers users the ability to create and receive video messages in a self-contained, spam-free environment. The best feature of Eyejot, in my opinion, is that users do not need to install a client. Users can start using Eyejot with any browser, on any platform.

It is very easy to use Eyejot. Eyejot records a message via your existing Webcam. There is no client or download required to send off your video message. Users can send video messages to their friends, families, colleagues, and students. I think Eyejot has a great potential in education.

Eyejot also offers support for iPods via RSS stream. iPod users can download Eyejot video mail to their iPod and watch it. In addition, users can add the Eyejot applet to their MySpace pages, adding a new layer to social networking. Currently, there is no charge to use Eyejot. To try out Eyejot, you need to register and provide an e-mail address. Your free account allows you to send an unlimited number of messages of up to 60 seconds each; a forthcoming Pro account ($3.95 per month) will raise the cap to 5 minutes.

I tested out Eyejot for the past week and enjoyed playing with it. Here is my Welcome Message from Eyejot.

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