Video Messaging with Eyejot


Email is an effective communication tool. Nevertheless, video email is much more fun since it is visual and you can impart emotion, tone, and energy. Video messaging has been around for several years. However, the concept has not yet taken off for some reasons. Taking the flexibility of email and putting it in video form, Eyejot is one of the comprehensive, client-free video-messaging platform ideal for both personal and business communications. Eyejot offers users the ability to create and receive video messages in a self-contained, spam-free environment. The best feature of Eyejot, in my opinion, is that users do not need to install a client. Users can start using Eyejot with any browser, on any platform.

It is very easy to use Eyejot. Eyejot records a message via your existing Webcam. There is no client or download required to send off your video message. Users can send video messages to their friends, families, colleagues, and students. I think Eyejot has a great potential in education.

Eyejot also offers support for iPods via RSS stream. iPod users can download Eyejot video mail to their iPod and watch it. In addition, users can add the Eyejot applet to their MySpace pages, adding a new layer to social networking. Currently, there is no charge to use Eyejot. To try out Eyejot, you need to register and provide an e-mail address. Your free account allows you to send an unlimited number of messages of up to 60 seconds each; a forthcoming Pro account ($3.95 per month) will raise the cap to 5 minutes.

I tested out Eyejot for the past week and enjoyed playing with it. Here is my Welcome Message from Eyejot.


About Steve Yuen

I am a Professor Emeritus of Instructional Technology and Design at The University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, United States.
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7 Responses to Video Messaging with Eyejot

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  2. Nicole says:

    I think this is a very useful tool both in education and in everyday life. I know that it would be great for me because it would allow me to send video messages to my roommate who is studying abroad in Wales this year. We talk via AOL instant messenger sometimes, but it is better when we can see each other. We have also tried using Skype, but often times the connection is faulty. Eyejot would help tremendously because it is often difficult to coordinate times when we are both online due to the large time difference. I will definitely be sending her an Eyejot message soon.

  3. Heather Whisenhant says:

    I could see this as a very useful tool and something that will used more often in the future. Lets be honest, most of the world is turning more towards the technology side and this is an amazing program to send video messages. It could be used in school, but I can see major uses in everyday life with this tool. I can see families sending each other messages this way. Especially with United States citizens in Irac, it is only obvious that these are special ways to utilize this software.Otherwise, I really can see this software in the classroom. Since there are more online classes these days I honestly see this software being used on those internet classes.

  4. I think that it is cool that they have this, and I think that it is awesome that you can see and hear instead of just sending messages. I think that this could be useful in every way. This could be good for people out of the country that may want to talk to their families.

    I would have to say that if this is complex, I would not like it a bit. Although this is a good thing to use, I am glad to hear of this. I have never heard of this before and is glad to hear of it.

  5. Lisa Mcbeth says:

    This sounds like a wonderful tool that I would use on my home computer. My son and his wife live in Texas and they will soon be having my first grandchild. I try to keep in contact with them, sometimes by email, but mostly by phone. I do not get to see them as much as I would like to see them. If I had this tool and they had it also, then we could see each other. They can also put the baby in front of the EyeJot so I could see it everyday! I am going to look into this very soon!

  6. Holly Grover says:

    This is just like the telephones on the Jetsons cartoons! Being able to communicate through live cameras used to be a futuristic and ultramodern idea that was only seen in science fiction books and movies. Now, it’s a common way of communicating and it’s becoming even more accessible! I don’t own a web camera because I don’t like seeing pictures of myself, but I would love to see videos of my friends and family through programs like Eyejot! My little sister is going to have a baby girl in two months, and I will finally be an aunt! If she and her husband were to move away, I would definitely require them to record my niece so that I wouldn’t miss any important moments!

  7. Kemiaya Jackson says:

    The new eyejot program is very exciting to hear about. I think it is very important for this to come into reality. I saw one of these type of things on the movie “Along came a Spider” when the girl gets kid nap this is how they communicate to the other students. Eyejot will be very important to people that have family members far away. This would be a way to see people that you have seen in years. This new type of messaging could be very useful to people with relatives in Iraq, to see their loveones. I am really excited about the new way of messaging.

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