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Podcasting With Your Phone


I found an interesting hosted service, Gabcast, that lets you use your phone or VoIP to instantly create podcasts and then post them to your blog or website. This is probably one of the easiest ways to create a podcast. And the best of all, it is a free. Gabcast is easy to use podcasting service that operates via telephone. There is no need for any audio editing software or microphone. Recording with Gabcast is extremely easy; all you do is call a toll-free US number with your phone, put in your password and talk. Once you have completed your recording, you can add tags and publish from your phone. Subscribers to your podcast are automatically notified of new posts. Basically, you can publish podcasts to your blog in three ways: automatically through an embedded player, or posted links, or you can manually paste in the HTML code if you would rather not use the automated service. Besides posting to your blog, Gabcast service can also help you post your podcasts on Facebook and MySpace as well as audio product descriptions on eBay.

This is too cool! I can use Gabcast for publishing my podcasts on my blog and website, particularly when I am away from my computer and internet. I can also use this to conduct interviews, make recordings in the field trips, and connect with colleagues and students in conference calls.

I think Gabcast is a great podcasting tool and audioblogging platform that offers virtual communities, individuals, and schools an easy way to create and distribute audio content.

I tried out Gabcast for the past few days and like it very much. Though the sound quality is not great, it is acceptable since you are using your phone to do recording.  I think Gabcast has the best phone to podcast service I have experienced. You can store up to 200 MB with automatic RSS feeds and blog integration for free. If you are willing to pay $6 per month, you can keep your podcasts private and get 400 MB and features like hidden channels and episodes.

Well, here is my first episode on Ed Tech Talk using the Gabcast service.

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