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InspireData is a powerful data analysis tool for students in grades 4 to 12. InspireData applies the strategies of visual learning to data literacy and inspires students to discover meaning as they collect and explore data in a dynamic inquiry process in science, mathematics, and social studies. Students formulate questions and make connections between data and its visual representations to interpret information, solve problems, and draw conclusions. As a result, students build deeper content knowledge, develop analytical skills, and strengthen critical thinking skills. I think InspireData is a wonderful tool for teachers and students. It has many powerful features to help students collect and organize data, analyze data dynamically with multiple plot types (Venn, bar, stack, pie and axis plots), and communicate findings with Slide Show. The latest version of InspireData (version 1.5) even has an e-Survey tool that allows students to create and publish an online survey to gather data and then instantly download results for further analysis.

I think integrating InspireData into the school curriculum can build data literacy skills and makes learning a richer, more meaningful experience for students. You can view the video from the Inspiration Software Inc. to learn more about the features of InspireData at http://www.inspiration.com/quicktours/index.cfm?fuseaction=inspiredata_QT

Also, the video gives brief demonstrations from data collection to data analysis with the integrated Table and Plot Views. In addition, it walks through different plot types to identify patterns, trends and relationships.

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