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USB flash drives are compact and easy-to-use storage devices. They offer the real promise of the digital age: complete freedom and mobility. However, USB flash drive is good for a lot more than data transfer. It can be a whole office on the go.

USB flash drives can carry portable applications such as Open Office, Firefox, Thunderbird, Sunbird, and NVU to serve as a personal office on the road. Teachers and students can use these applications and have their e-mail and instant messaging accounts, bookmarks, log-on passwords, a Web browser, a calendar, as well as a Web authoring tool available to them on any computer they use. Also, they are sure that their settings, passwords, account information will stay on their USB drive and won’t be stored in the browser cache or anywhere else on other person’s computer.

I have been using open source applications on a USM flash drive for several years. I think it is convenience and secure to carry my portable applications wherever I go. Also, I have introduced the open source applications to many teachers and students and most of them like the idea. To learn how to put your USB flash drive to work as a portable desktop and access open source applications on any computer with no trace behind, please view the presentation Patrivan Yuen and I made at the Teaching in Higher Education (THE) Forum earlier this year.

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