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I talked about Second Life in my blog in October and I am excited about the potential of using Second Life to provide an online 3-D virtual reality world in education and training. Today, more and more colleges, universities, and corporations are building their virtual campuses and training facilities in Second Life. We, in education, should explore the potential of 3-D digital world in teaching and learning. Second Life could be a valuable educational tool for teaching the digital natives.

To learn more about Second Life, I recommend an outstanding wiki “Second Life in Education” created by Jo Kay and Sean FitzGerald. Their wiki provides a detailed list of educational uses of Second Life and many useful resources for teachers. Also, Jo Kay and Sean FitzGerald produced an excellent video “Introduction to Second Life, ” an introductory digital story/slideshow on Second Life and it’s Educational Possibilities.

Another outstanding video I recommend to watch is “NMC Campus: Seriously Engaging.” This is a promo produced by New Media Consortium (NMC) to provide an overview of the NMC ‘s virtual campus built in Second Life.

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