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CNN Enters Second Life


I talked about educational uses of Second Life yesterday.  Well, let me expand on this topic one more day.  Second Life is not only used by colleges and universities to provide their students with an online 3-D virtual reality world, it is also used by many corporations to provide online training, orientations, and other activities.  On November 12, 2007, CNN open an I-Report hub in Second Life.  CNN asks its real-life audience to submit their own SL I-Reports (user-generated content submitted from cell phones, computers, cameras and other equipment for broadcast and online reports) about events occurring within the virtual world.  By having a presence in Second Life, CNN hopes to learn about virtual worlds and understand what news is most interesting and valuable to their residents. It will be interesting to see how successful is the CNN’s I-Report hub in Second Life and the impact of these types of activities in journalism education.

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