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As you learn from the Sloan’s report, Online Nation: Five Years of Growth in Online Learning, in my last post, online education is here to stay whether you like it or not. Last week, NPR published a two-part story on online education in the Morning Edition. The story is about the online education at the University of Illinois-Springfield. It is interesting to learn that the University of Illinois will launch its ambitious new “global campus” next month. According to Joseph White, the president of the University of Illinois system, the university eventually hopes to reach more than 10,000 new online students over the next few years without adding any new buildings. In the U.S., online enrollments have continued to grow at rates far in excess of the total higher education student population. I expect many more universities will follow and launch their global campuses. If you miss this story, you can read or listen both parts of the story online at NPR. Here are the links:

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