Students 2.0 Launches Today

Students 2.0 is making history today on the Internet. Student 2.0 is a global edublog that is administered, designed, edited, and written by a global mix of students of varying ages, interests, voices, and points of view. The blog is an attempt to give students a voice in where the future of education is headed. Students 2.0 forms a team of students from across the globe with one central aspect of their writings: quality student writing, full-voiced and engaging, about education.

Today, students want to speak up and let themselves be heard. The authors of Students 2.0 like to contribute their thoughts and insightful perspectives with the objective to better the world of education. They want to invite their adult partners in education to treat their posts as they treat all others: as serious writing, as invitations to their readers to listen, reflect, agree, disagree, extend ideas – and above all, to create new possibilities, understandings, and insights in education. I think this is an excellent idea. We could learn a lot from the students as well.

The power of Web 2.0 technologies makes it easier for students to get involved in their education, contribute their ideas and thoughts, and discuss serious matters with their teachers and school administrators. I think we enter a new era of education. Are we (teachers, educators, and school administrators) willing to listen to our students? To learn more about Students 2.0, you can visit the Student 2.0 site and read the students’ posts.


About Steve Yuen

I am a Professor Emeritus of Instructional Technology and Design at The University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, United States.
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4 Responses to Students 2.0 Launches Today

  1. Shenetta Booth says:

    Futuristic students or “Digital Natives” have ways to connect and interact with other students to share ideas, thoughts, comments, concerns, and so forth. The idea of Student 2.0 is scary, but it’s a great idea. Any student can post their blog on this site and any student can respond. This is an awesome idea.

    There are advantages to this site. Students can post and comment. Students can write on intellectual ideas and topics. This site is helping the student’s social outlook. It is student centered and not the regular teacher centered. It helps them critically think and as I can see problem solve some tough questions. This is truly a great site. I would love to see more sites dedicated to student learning.

    I went through some of the articles on Student 2.0 and found some very interesting topics like, “What is learning?” and “21st Century Education: Thinking Creatively”. Now, that is intelligent.

    Disadvantages: The reason why I say it can be scary, because thinking from an educator or teacher view you would think students are plotting or coming up with ideas that are not good. These are ideas that can ruin the entire school or can even make teachers scared of teaching. I recently read an article were a student posted on his blog when he got out of jail. He made a sly comment that he would find the teacher that allegedly put him in jail. The comment was “After I find Ms. ****, I am going to pack her remains in my trunk.” After the comment, the county’s board of supervisors found out about it and ordered to take the teacher into custody for further evaluation. Now, that’s scary. Don’t ask me how I know this, but this is a true story.

  2. guoqiangcui says:

    This is really a quite interesting video and I enjoyed it. It is really one brilliant idea to set up the students’ community called “Student 2.0”. With the great development and improvement of the web 2.0 and the mobile 2.0, it is really catching the trend to name the new place “Student 2.0”. It should be one good place where students can communicate with each other on their learning fields, their feeling and their understanding of the world around them. The web blog was not only set up by one person or in the same place. It is the join work by students from all over the world.

    This is a good place students can freely speak out their ideas and express themselves without much pressure. When I went to their site, I found that there are so many postings there and they communicate with each other on almost all topics of their life. This discussion is quite meaningful and can really give others the real feeling of themselves. But to be honest, when I first read and heard the name, I thought it was one big, influential place. I think it needs more development to become the real students 2.0 where more students from various ranges of the world can all communicate well with each other and they can get to know the life of students in the other side of the earth.

  3. wanda moye says:

    Blogging is all about the conversation between the authors of a blog and its readers. Education, in particular, should be all about the conversation between leaders and learners. The authors of Students 2.0 welcome communication from all. The above sentence describes how Student 2.0 defines itself. After viewing the website, the comments and the videos placed on the web space; I agree. This is an outlet for young people to express view and opinions on many events and issues of today’s world.
    It must be understood that this is a blog. Blogs are where views and ideas are exchanged. They are not necessarily built on fact or scientific accuracy. Therefore, Student 2.0 is great for the purpose in which it is designed. It is a forum to exercise how like minded people may feel.
    Of all the articles that I have read and commented on, I view this site as one of they many have posted that exercises the freedom of speech.

  4. Amy Thornton says:

    I think this is a great idea for students to be involved in. Maybe if more students felt they were able to express their ideas in open forums such as this, they wouldn’t feel the need to commit such violence that happens in so many schools today. I think students need an avenue such as this for creative expression.

    I think for students to be allowed to use these types of avenues, teachers and parents have to be open-minded and encourage students to express their ideas. I think we have to be open to learning from the younger generation. Of course, we have things to teach them, but they can also teach us things as well. I have learned this, first hand, working with kids through the Boy Scouts. They have a different perspective on the world than we do, and their perspective is just as valid as ours is, its just different. We have to listen to what they have to say.

    I think allowing students to express their ideas in the forum also gives them experience in creative writing. They can not only talk about what is happening in the world and their lives, but also experiment with using their imagination to create stories and collaborate with one another. It also gives them the opportunity to collaborate with other students from all over the world. The world is getting smaller and smaller. Students, today, have the ability to meet students from other worlds and cultures virtually, something that we did not have access to when we were in school.

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