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Open Yale Courses

 Open Yale Courses

Following the MIT’s lead on OCW, Yale University is making some of its most popular undergraduate courses freely available to anyone in the world with access to the Internet.  The project, called “Open Yale Courses” launched on December 11 this year, provides public access to the full content of a selection of college-level courses.  Currently, Open Yale Courses provides free and open access to seven introductory courses taught by distinguished professors and scholars at Yale University. The aim of the project is to expand access to educational materials for all who wish to learn.  Open Yale Courses allows the public to audit the Yale College courses for free online. There is no “enrollment” in the courses and Yale does not offer credit for those who use the course materials.

The Open Yale Courses are available in various formats, including downloadable and streaming video, audio only and searchable transcripts of each lecture.  Syllabi, reading assignments, problem sets and other materials accompany the courses are also provided.   To encourage the widest possible use of the courses, the license that covers most of the lectures and other course material on Open Yale Courses is Creative Commons’ Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 license. This license permits the free use or repurposing of the Open Yale Courses material by others. Under this license, users may download and redistribute the Open Yale Courses material, as well as remix and build upon the content to produce new lectures or other educational tools.  However, commercial use of the Open Yale Courses material is prohibited.

In addition, Yale is working with the Indo-U.S. Inter-University Collaborative Initiative in Higher Education and Research’s Amrita satellite network to broadcast courses to universities throughout India. Also, China Education Television (CETV), viewed by millions of Chinese, will broadcast individual lectures on CETV.  According to Yale University, individual faculty members at universities around the world can use Open Yale Courses in their classrooms.  Currently, faculty at the following universities are participating: University of Bahrain, Instituto de Tecnologia de Buenos Aires — ITBA (Argentina), Fudan University (China), University of Ghana, Jimma University (Ethiopia), Tec de Monterrey (Mexico), University of Mumbai (India), Peking University (China), University of Tokyo (Japan) and Waseda University (Japan).  This is very impressive.

I applaud Yale for making available their most valuable resources and the knowledge of their distinguished faculty to the world.  With the efforts lead by MIT, Yale, and other leading institutions, we start getting more and more high quality of free educational resources available to the public.  This is great news for the open education movement.  The era of open education movement is progressing and will impact teaching and learning across the globe.  Perhaps all higher education institutions throughout the world someday will join MIT and Yale in this exciting open education movement and provide free college courses to anyone in the world who wants to learn.

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