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I came across a YouTube video, iPod in Education, which gives a good overview of iPod and its use in education. The iPod in Education video is divided into two parts. I think both parts are helpful particularly for those who are new to iPods and podcasting. Part 1 covers the basic iPod operations, setting the master volume, Audiobooks, iQuiz maker, exporting quizzes to the iPod. In the Part 2, podcasts, iTunes U, adding your own video, world time, and stopwatch are discussed and demonstrated in the video.

Part 1 – iPod in Education

Part 2 – iPod in Education


After watching these videos, I hope you want to learn more about how iPod can be used in teaching and learning. I encourage you to read “iPod in Education: The Potential for Teaching and Learning,” a white paper published by Apple Computer, Inc.

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