UC Berkeley Launches YouTube Channel

UC Berkeley

YouTube is a very popular online video community that allows people to discover, watch and share videos.  YouTube allows people to easily upload and share video clips on its site and across the Internet through Web sites, blogs and e-mail.  I know many teachers and educators have subscribed YouTube.  They have uploaded their instructional videos which make it easier for students to access these materials on YouTube.  However, the announcement of launching YouTube Channel by the University of California, Berkeley on October 3 this year is unprecedented.  UC Berkeley is the first university to have a channel on YouTube and makes entire course lectures and special events available, free of charge, on YouTube.  What a bold move by UC Berkeley, providing a strong leadership on promoting open education movement. Visitors at UC Berkeley at YouTube can view over 300 hours of events and videotaped courses on a variety of subjects, including chemistry, physics, biology, bioengineering, peace and conflict studies, classic literature, as well as search engines with a lecture by Google co-founder Sergey Brin.

UC Berkeley has been a leader in the open education movement in higher education.  In fall 2001, UC Berkeley launched webcast.berkeley.edu, a site that delivers Webcasts of UC Berkeley current and archived courses as well as live and on-demand on-campus events.  In April 2006, UC Berkeley launched its audio podcast program, making audio content available as free downloads through webcast.berkeley.edu. It also offers video content through iTunes U on topics such as art, history, computer science and mechanical engineering.

Well, YouTube is no longer just a video-sharing site to watch and share videos.  YouTube can be an important teaching tool for schools and educational institutions.   I am excited about the future of open education movement.  Hopefully, more educational institutions will follow the lead by UC Berkeley, MIT, Yale, and many others to distribute their course lectures in a digital form to the world.



About Steve Yuen

I am a Professor Emeritus of Instructional Technology and Design at The University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, United States.
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2 Responses to UC Berkeley Launches YouTube Channel

  1. guoqiangcui says:

    This is really inspiring news. The launch of open courses and events on YouTube is a great and successful integration of education and technology. YouTube is the popular video sharing website and people can view most of the video clips online and they can also upload their own personal-made videos and share with others. Youtube was created in 2005 and it is developing and growing at an amazing speed.Most people must have been there before and viewed the interesting videos there. It is indeed many funny home-made videos and you can get to know others through this. To the teachers and students, there is also one expended TeacherTube where students can get quality education lectures about all fields. Students can find lots of meaningful and useful video clips there related to their field and they can reap a lot from that.

    But the launch of the YouTube channel by the University of California in 2007 is more educational, leading and its significance is far reaching. It is one bold action and shows the confidence of the university. They offer so many free courses there and students all over the world can get so close to the top education and this is a great contribution to the worldwide education. It further expands public access to its intellectual riches through the most popular Web destinations. This will lead to a trend in the open education movement and we hope and believe there will be more open courses online for the thirsty students.

  2. wanda moye says:

    UC Berkeley gets it! It is reaching thousands, if not millions of potential students in ways that the old traditional literature could not. Since I have subscribed to YouTube as an educator, I have become a better teacher. For a budget, I only have EEF state moneys for my supplies. As of last year it was under 250 dollars for three classes. Discovering YouTube has been a financial windfall. I have downloaded many video on how to make my lectures on appealing. I have also viewed instructional videos and even entertaining videos. One of the best YouTube videos is the one about how to embed a YouTube video into your powerpoint. This is when I was exposed to the online media converter. I have been using it ever since.

    UC Berkeley understands the demands of this new digital age and is responding to its audience by making choices available through the Berkeley Channel. The university is very forward thinking to have over 300 hours of events for free. The channel offers everything from an introduction to campus life at UC Berkeley, to video on student ballroom dancing.

    Having free scholastic videos on biology, chemistry, and bioengineering afford students a second opportunity to understand their assignments. Also, it is an excellent learning strategy for some anyone interested in being more exposed to what is happening on the university campus.

    I am sure that more universities will broaden their horizons and establish lectures and events on YouTube.

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