Create Free Online Quizzes with ClassMarker


ClassMarker is a free, easy to use, online quiz maker that grades your tests and quizzes for you.  You simply create your quizzes with ClassMarker and your students take them online.  It can be used for pop quizzes, homework quizzes, tests, and exams.  Features of ClassMarker include:

  • Link directly to quizzes from your website or emails
  • Randomize quiz questions
  • Have quiz results emailed to you and saved in ClassMarker
  • Create multiple choice, true false, free text, short answer, fill in the blank and punctuation quizzes

The tests are graded instantly and automatically by ClassMarker.  Teachers add their tests in through a web based form and students can then log in to ClassMarker and take tests in a web browser. Test can be edited, copied, deleted and optionally, shared with other teachers using ClassMarker.  ClassMarker allows teachers and students to view the test results that can be saved or exported to Microsoft Excel for print and view offline.

Teachers can register up to 100 students and create unlimited classes for which different students can register for.  Any of their tests can be assigned to one or more classes.  At the end of each school year teachers can simply remove their previous students and make way for their new students to register into their classes, which already have the tests online, ready to use again.


About Steve Yuen

I am a Professor Emeritus of Instructional Technology and Design at The University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, United States.
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26 Responses to Create Free Online Quizzes with ClassMarker

  1. James M. Thompson says:

    The unique, technological innovation of ClassMarker would be a dream come true to any K-12 teacher, especially rookie teachers. As a former seventh grade science teacher, I came into the teaching profession at a disadvantage because I was a non-traditional teacher. In fact, I did not undergo any teacher training until the following summer after I completed my first year of teaching. Therefore, as you can imagine, my first year of teaching was quite challenging. My most challenging task each week was grading all of the assignments. For instance, I administered continual assessments, such as exams and tests, to all of my students. At the time, I taught four classes with approximately 18-20 students per class. On average, I would have anywhere from 72 to 80 students per year. As a first year teacher, it was overwhelming. I would literally give students a weekly quiz and a periodic pop-quiz, which means I had to grade all of the quizzes and return them the next day so students could receive immediate feedback.
    After the first two nine weeks leading up to the Christmas break, I wondered if there was a better way of assessing students. Thus, I began to give quizzes bi-monthly opposed to weekly, which reduced my workload tremendously. On the contrary, my students did not do as well on their tests because I was not able to determine if concepts that were taught in class was learned because I no longer administered weekly assessments. I realized that having more quizzes would allow for early detection of students having trouble with specific concepts. In closing, if I had ClassMarker when I began my teaching career, it would have been advantageous for both my students and me.

  2. ClassMarker says:

    Hi All,

    Great to see this blog.

    I just wanted to let everyone know that you can actually register 1000 students/learners under your accounts now. It was 100 back when we first launched in 2005, but we know lots of you have more then 100 students so we multiplied that number by 10 for you 🙂


  3. Shenetta Booth says:

    Hooray for online quizzes. This is one of the most important creations anyone could have ever made. I literally take online quizzes now and love every part of it. The flexibility of doing the test on my time and whenever is very important. It makes distance education and e-learning more fun. Heck, online testing gives a whole new meaning to e-learning.

    ClassMarker is an intelligent piece of online software that was created to let teachers create online quizzes. This software is not only for teachers, but also businesses. They can add their own tests and exams to their personal profile and have their learners log in and do their tests on any internet connected computer. ClassMarker is designed for online testing for education, business and personal use. It provides direct responses for all tests. It allows teachers and trainers to view the results students almost instantly without having to do any grading. All the results can be saved and sent to the teacher or business and to each of the testers. How convenient is this? What teacher wouldn’t want this product?

    Although, there are plenty other online testing software out there, I will recommend ClassMarker. It offers all the features and enhancement needed to make an online quiz or test. I like that it provides a feedback function for teachers and trainers to the testers. There is a note for embedded testing for upcoming renovations.

    Online testing is convenient for teachers and businesses, because it offers flexibility and it also keeps the student enticed. I love online quizzes and with the help of ClassMarker, I think I could spread that love to my future students or teachers. Also, for companies, online testing could make a major impact on time and testing material. Its very easy to use and plus, we need to save our trees.

  4. houbinfang says:

    I tried to use this classMarker online and it is really good. It allows you to add tests and exams to a personal profile. Students can log in and do the tests on any internet connected computer which are all under the control of the designer. It is said that the classMarker is designed for online testing for education, business and personal use.
    Another feature of classMarker is that it allows teachers and instructors to view the results of each learner immediately without having to do any marking themselves. All quiz results are saved in ClassMarker for creators and can optionally be sent to the assigned email address instantly a quiz is finished. Furthermore, the classMarker can be used for online testing of, exams, pop quizzes and homework quizzes. It is a very good online tool for saving time and at the same time educators can communicate and provide feedback to learners individually, online, and in the classroom.
    I followed the instruction below to create a quiz:
    1. Register for free with ClassMarker
    2. Create one or more classes and add your learners to your classes
    3. Create and assign tests to your classes
    I also found that classMarker can save the tests for use it again in the future, and there is no limit to the number of online tests you can add to ClassMarker, at least now.
    We also can set the quizzes to show results in four different ways: a) Do not show score, b) Show score only, c) Show score and chosen answers with corrections, and d) Show score, chosen answers and the correct answers. These settings are perfect to all the teachers. The item style in a quiz in classmarker includes; multiple choice, true false, free text, short answer, fill in the blank and punctuation test types. I think these are all format that we can create a quiz in other format.

  5. Christopher Tisdale says:

    From exploring the website, I think this would be a great benefit to teachers. This quiz maker can save teachers a lot of time from grading papers and give students instant results after completing an assessment. I know that in some our professional development meetings the principal is putting a lot of emphasis on incorporating technology into the classroom. I think this would be a great way to incorporate technology into the classroom, and I think students would be excited about taking online assessments.

    I noticed during the demonstration quiz that this software can be used not only in education, but also in a business or personal setting. The website provides registered users with very detailed instructions on how to set up classes, view student results, reset passwords, and even add images to a test. I like how I can view statistics of my assessments and get the average percentage of total scores, per test, and see areas where the students need more work. With this software, I can randomly pick tests for each class, students can retrieve notes from the website, I can randomize test questions, which will cut down on cheating, and I can share my tests with other teachers. After 30 minutes of learning how to use the software, my first trial run of the software will be on February 29, 2008. I am going to share this information with administration and faculty during a professional development meeting, hoping that I may do some type of presentation for the faculty to show them that this software is a “lifesaver.”

    From exploring the website, I noticed that I did not come across a place where students could print their tests and test results. Even though the grades are stored in an Excel sheet, I think most teachers will still need a hardcopy for intervention purposes. I also noticed that tests cannot be timed, so I think some teachers will run into problems with students not completing assessments in a reasonable time.

  6. guoqiangcui says:

    Wow, when I was searching online to find some detailed information about ClassMarker with the key word “education ClassMarker” on Google, Dr. Yuen’s blog with the article title “Create Free Online Quizzes with ClassMarker” was the second listed link. So I went back and read the introduction about ClassMarker again. I think I have come across the word “ClassMarker” for many times and thought it is something like bookmark, without paying too much attention to it.

    After reading the various function about ClassMarker, I tired a little bit to register for the new gadget to me. I found it is pretty easy to register. You can choose either the instructor or the leaner identify to register. If you want to design a test, you can just go to My Classes, and then go to the Administer Learners page in your class page to create the test. After creating the test, you can just go back through My Classes page and Assign Tests for this class. Learners can log in and take the test, later you can go to Class Results to see the test results of your learners.

    I think the ClassMarker offers us a really good way for instructors to design a test simply and students can easily take the test online. You can design the test with multiply choices, free text or punctuation. Right now there are more and more features and functions you can use, for example, you can randomize your multiple choice answers with up to 10 answers available, you can set and see the time students taking the test, view class average score, and save the final result in excel.

    I totally believe that ClassMarker has a great potential in teaching. It makes the test quite easier for both the teachers and students. Teachers don’t have to design the complicated test in the word format and print each time, they just simply type their questions and answers online. All the piles of test papers don’t have to be taken to various test taken places and the students can just finish it online. The test paper correcting is also becoming an easier process, and the teachers can save more time and efforts which can be diverted to some other more meaningful activities. Besides, it is also a paperless process. The only flaw I find is that they don’t accept Chinese language and you have to pay in order to get rid of some advertisements.

  7. Andrea Howard says:

    Online assessments are a fabulous idea! ClassMarker allows the teacher to apply minimal effort when creating assessments. The fact that the teacher will not be required to actually grade the assessments on this site wins my vote. Creating and grading test, quizzes, and even daily work is a daunting task that only add to the other 5,000 other tasks that K-12 educators must complete throughout the school year. The NCLB Act as placed so much on a teacher’s plate that “teaching” and any other typical tasks related to being a teacher have only become a small part of our jobs today. Having access to software and websites like ClassMarker add ease to the a teacher’s school year. ClassMarker also provides an alternative mean of assessment to the students to help break the test-taking monotony that they experience on a throughout the school year.

  8. Farid says:

    Online testing offers to those applications that that allow us to easily author, and administer our tests, asessments, and practice exams online.

    Online assessment is becoming widely used. It has many advantages over traditional (paper-based) assessment. The advantages include: lower long tem costs, instant feedback to students, great flexibility with respect to location, more reliable than human grading, it integrates interactive tools and makes tests interactive.

    The drawback is that assessment systems are expensive to establish and not suitable for every type of assessment (such as extended response questions). The main expense is not technical; it is the cost of producing high quality assessment items.

  9. Farid says:

    Web-based instruction refers to providing a learning environment that is mediated and supported via the Internet/Intranet and connected to a computer with hyperlinks to resources outside the instructional domain. The instruction is designed so that the computer displays lessons in response to learner/user interactions.

    The instruction can be as simple as using the system as a “page turner” for information, to as complex as an integrated system which logs learner inputs and responses, provides interactions with video, animation, imagery, forms, examinations, or software. Not only can learning occur through interactions with the “materials” but through a community of learners using chat, threaded discussion, e-mail, whiteboards, or other programs

  10. Sameer says:

    Dr Yuen: I just send you an email about our just launched free quiz tool.

    The Quiz School provides a powerful feature set focuses on creating compelling quizzes that keep students engage. We do this through easy of adding images, colors and providing very interesting analytics collected automatically such as which question students mostly get right/wrong/difficulty level of quiz etc.

    Quiz School is completely free for use – including the premium features. Please visit the product tour at:

  11. Gemma Trish says:

    Dr. Yuen,

    If you are interested in on-line assessments, I recommend that you visit the following link: This site provides not only quizzes, tests, etc, but also activities such as flashcards, matching, and many more. The activities are a great tool to help students prepare for their exams. The assessments have many different features that allows the teacher to customize tests per class or even per student(s).


  12. 陳旭能 says:


  13. 陳旭能 says:


  14. hsiuminlu says:


  15. hsiuminlu says:


  16. Sarena says:

    For making quiz online, I think proprofs is the best free and totally free one!

    there are also some free desktop quiz makers for teachers to create multimedia flash quiz, such as quizcreator (, teachers could make multimedia flash quiz with ease without programming skills, and it is the only math symbols supported quiz tool.

  17. Kaylene Armstrong says:

    A program like ClassMarker appears to be a great technology if you are working in a situation where you can actually monitor students in person to make sure the student who is supposed to take the test is actually taking it. Such a program may work well in a k-12 setting in a computerized classroom. However, if you ever expect students to use them on their own at home, there will be no guarantee that the student is the actual person who takes the test. Even in college this can be a problem. We like to think that college students are mature enough to be honest in their work, but every professor knows that college students sometimes cheat. (I am surprised to learn some of the ways it happens!)

    That said, the concept is great! Immediate feedback on quizzes and tests is a great plus for students of any age. Less grading for teachers is a super plus for us profs! I am especially intrigued with the idea that it stores the quizzes and tests so you don’t have to keep redoing them every year. I have quizzes that I repeat every semester. We do them in class, correct and discuss them as well. However, it might be possible to use this as a component of an Internet version of the class I teach. Interesting idea.

  18. jennstyron says:

    Hi Dr. Yuen,

    This looks like a great resource for online faculty to utilize when developing quizzes and tests for their courses. I know how difficult it can be to create tests and randomize questions to decrease the risks of cheating. Quiz maker looks like it takes such concerns into consideration and can be an extremely beneficial tool.

    eCheating is a valid concern among faculty and teachers in the online learning environment. There are many strategies that faculty and teachers put into place to deter cheating (such as codes of conduct) and randomizing test questions is another example of this technique. This prohibits students from having one classmate take the test first then share the answers with other classmates. While these types of students are the minority, the growing concern of eCheating calls for the need of such preventative measures.

    I also like the fact that faculty and teachers can export the information into an excel format. There are some instances when online assessments are not easily exported into programs such as excel. This can be difficult and frustrating for those individuals who are trying to integrate such tools within the classroom. By allowing the data to export into excel, I believe ClassMarker increases its probability that faculty will utilize the resource.

  19. Wow! This DOES seem like a dream come true! Like Jenn mentioned, e-cheating is definitely a concern, especially among high school students. With ClassMarker, you can basically create a bank of questions, and the quizzes will randomly choose from those questions. Each student appears to have a “different” quiz or test, which should definitely minimize cheating efforts. ClassMarker also has the ability for tests and quizzes to be share throughout the faculty and staff. I think this is an excellent tool, especially for those teachers involved in subject area “team teaching.” Teachers can share different varieties of the same quiz, adding or deleting questions each year, as needed. And the best part? It grades itself! 🙂

    While I believe Web-based quizzes, tests, and activities are wonderful for students, the reality is, there is a definite lack of computers. Many teachers view “computer lab” time as an instructional time loss (unfortunately), and avoid it altogether. In a medium-sized school that has to share computer labs, many teachers wouldn’t see it beneficial (instructionally speaking) to pack up students and sending them down the hallway, just for a 10-question quiz that will take them 5 minutes or less. While it’s fairly simple for me, in a computer classroom, to integrate this type of technology, the majority of teachers are subject area teachers who don’t have access to 15-20 computers. Access to technology is definitely a downfall (if not the BIGGEST downfall) of integrating technology into K-12 teaching.

  20. Roslyn Warren says:

    I was first introduced to online quizzes from another instructor and I was hooked! Its faster and easier to grade, but comes with a price. A large difficulty relates to the existing discussion (Lindsey and Jenn mentioned), the increased likelihood of cheating. One professor that I have taken courses under in the past always uses a take home midterm. These take-home exams could cause some anxiety with teachers because I could easily call so-and-so to consult about anwers. However, the format is essay and who wants to waste their time trying to cheat when you have a lot of information to write. So, perhaps the formatting of online test could be modified to reduce cheating concerns.

    Now, using this tool in K-12 is a task especially for smaller districts who have limited access and students who do not have the internet at home. The main idea is that the technology become available and educators explore how they can best use the new tools. To bring this idea home: If the technology tools were never created, then people would have alot more complaining to do than with the flooding of technology that becomes available every day.

    In other words, dive in teachers and find what works for you…Just don’t lose your students by sticking to the old way!

  21. Patrick Chiang says:

    記得上週才跟老師說希望能多了解有關Web2.0的線上測驗系統,結果這個問題的答案就在我做Blog Critiques的作業上剛好找到這一篇介紹ClassMaker系統。我會想要知道這部份的東西是因為先前我在參與一個線上合作學習的英文寫作計劃當中,就需要設計一套能上學生在線上進行寫作、進行同儕互評、老師評分等功能的設計,基於有感於系統的開發往往會隨著科技的變化會需要不斷地進行修正,對於非資訊工程背景的我,很難在花時間去做大幅度的修改,因此就興起想直接找尋看看是否有符合需求的現存系統,以做為未來相關研究的可用工具。



  22. Patrick Chiang says:

    記得上週才跟老師說希望能多了解有關Web2.0的線上測驗系統,結果這個問題的答案就在我做Blog Critiques的作業上剛好找到這一篇介紹ClassMaker系統。我會想要知道這部份的東西是因為先前我在參與一個線上合作學習的英文寫作計劃當中,就需要設計一套能上學生在線上進行寫作、進行同儕互評、老師評分等功能的設計,基於有感於系統的開發往往會隨著科技的變化會需要不斷地進行修正,對於非資訊工程背景的我,很難在花時間去做大幅度的修改,因此就興起想直接找尋看看是否有符合需求的現存系統,以做為未來相關研究的可用工具。



  23. keenon Wynn says:

    I really like online testing! I currently use Blackboard, which is provided by the state, and it makes testing easy. I can quickly generate a quiz or an in-depth test. It is automatically graded and the students get instance feedback. Not to mention I do not need to grade the test unless there are written submissions. This is a real time saver. In a profession where time management is vital to your mental health, online testing and anything that you can do to do free up time is welcome.

    Paper base assessment is a thing of the pass. In the modern digital classroom paper based testing is a little bit of a contradiction. If I am posting assignments, announcement, and grades online; Why not test on line as well? The data gathered online from testing online can then be easily transferred to whatever database, if you will, digitally which means quick feedback.

    After reviewing ClassMarker I discover that it would be useful to me after all. At first I thought “well, I have blackboard why would I need another online testing site”. Well it turns out that this particular site offers some items or for lack of a better term “advantages” that are not offered in blackboard. For instance I can see it how I would not have to worry about test security if I wanted to release a quiz that needed to be taken online at home. There would be issues with the version of blackboard I am currently using.

  24. Leslie Rasmussen says:

    ClassMarker is without a doubt my favorite new tool. I’ll be using it for the first time next month to deliver my final exam. I have a student who said she would be on a mission trip to Honduras, which prompted me to read ahead with the IT 780 material. ClassMarker was incredibly easy to use and the setup was fast. I am also a doctoral student, so the end of the semester usually means final exams for myself as a student. At the same time, I’m admistering a final to 60 of the students I teach, while trying to get their last writing assignment graded. It can be quite stressful and messy. However, with ClassMarker, I can now scratch one thing off my list — grading those 60 final exams! I am not a huge fan of multiple choice or T/F exams, so I was a little skeptical about relying on ClassMarker, but as I found out, the program offers several different options for question design. I can include fill-in-the-blank, short answer or essay — if I chose to manually grade a couple of short answers or essay questions. I just can’t say enough about this tool. My students are really excited to have a “window” to take the final and be able to do so in their home. All of the wonderful randomization options help limit any cheating, as well. I hope to use this to deliver many quizzes next semester. Again, just an amazing tool!

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