New Features of Google Presentations

After Google launched its Google Presentations two months ago, they already got few new features for Google Presentations to start off the new year of 2008. The most significant of the new features is the ability to embed slide shows in web pages. This is fantastic! It allows users to embed their presentations on their blogs or Websites just like embedding video with YouTube. Here is the Google Presentation from Google Docs highlighting the new features.

Googe Presentations


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I am a Professor Emeritus of Instructional Technology and Design at The University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, United States.
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One Response to New Features of Google Presentations

  1. Tim Bryant says:

    Is Google Docs the future? If it’s not, it’s surely going to be a powerful tool. I am already a “Gmail Head”. There’s just not a better mail program out there. There are some features I thought were lacking, but when I started thinking outside the box, I realized that there really is nothing missing. The ability to search through your e-mail using Google’s search is very powerful, and addictive.

    Google Docs just builds upon this by giving you an office away from your office. I have already used it writing grants, it’s a great way to share documents with others easily to allow them to collaborate with you on a project. It’s not as powerful as Word, but I’m sure they will improve it over time, and I can always cut and paste back into Word before finishing off the document.

    It’s also nice not to have to worry about your jump drive. I keep important documents both places, so I always have a backup. If for some reason someone’s computer won’t recognize my jump drive, I just log into Google Docs and pull up the file. There are also a lot of features there that I’m sure I don’t know about, or just haven’t had time to play with. I know one is a way to build forms using a spreadsheet to quickly get data from people on the web.
    Gmail and Google Docs is starting to reach into the education world. I think they see that they can sell this application to schools and save the schools a lot of money by combining office software and e-mail services.

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