PDF Hammer

I came across the PDF Hammer site that allows you to edit PDF documents online. It is free, extremely easy-to-use and runs directly from any Web browser. I thought it might be a useful tool for teachers and students so I gave it a try. Despite it is a simple PDF editor, PDF Hammer works as it claims in its Website. You don’t have to register either, just upload a PDF file and then rearrange the pages or delete some pages and finally export as a new PDF document. You can also upload multiple PDF files into your project and PDF Hammer can reorder, delete, and combine the files into a PDF file. PDF Hammer is worth a bookmark. Currently, it is in beta with promises of adding some more features like rotating the pages, adding watermarks and stamps to pages in the near future.

PDF Hammer


About Steve Yuen

I am a Professor Emeritus of Instructional Technology and Design at The University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, United States.
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5 Responses to PDF Hammer

  1. Guoqiang Cui says:

    I did not know PDF Hammer before until the introduction made by Dr. Yuen here. I find it online and gave it a little bit try. It is quite easy to use because you can just upload your file and made some changes online then you can just export it anywhere. Of course, you don’t need to register either and it gives the teachers and people who need some modification of their PDF file some convenience. But personally I think thought easy to use as it is, it can only enable us to make some simple changes, like add or delete pages.

    I met with one software which I think is more comfortable to use when you want to edit your PDF files. When I was trying to apply for universities, there are too many application forms to fill and most of them are in PDF format. So that means I have to print them first and then write them with pens. When I carelessly write something, I have to print the form again and fill in again. This is time-consuming and bothers me too much and I believe that there is something there which can edit the PDF file just like the editing in Word. So I searched online and the software Foxit PDF Editor came to my mind. I download it and find it so helpful. It allows me to do many types of page objects and I can easily change text or image, move, scale or rotate things, insert and delete objects. I can select things using single mouse click and select a group of things. I can also undo or redo things and also copy or paste from other pages. After all that, I can simply save it as it is or save as another document.

    I think there is another software called Enfocus. I downloaded it and used it once. It can also allow us to comfortably edit PDF but the users all have to register for the software.

  2. Richard Crocker says:

    Thanks for the recent mention of PDF Hammer. I just wanted to let you know that we’ve released version 2.0 (beta) of the free PDF editor. Users can now secure PDF files and add metadata to them, as well as edit and merge pages.

    I’d love to hear what you think about the latest version.


    BTW, there’s also now zoom functionality. Just double click on any page and you’ll get a larger view.

  3. tammy says:

    Just wondering why this program won’t upload my pdf files anymore. Tells me pdf not valid or password protected when I have never put a password protect on them.

    Any suggestions?

  4. tdedeaux says:

    This is very interesting. PDF files are great, but difficult to work with.

    However, PDF hammer really doesn’t address the issue that I think everybody wants: to actually be able to edit the content of a PDF file without having to pay the frankly expensive prices Adobe charges for its software.

    A Web 2.0 tool that could actually crack open the PDF and let you edit it would be an absolute wonder!

    Now PDF Hammer is great for what it does. Being able to trim unneeded pages from, and even combine, multiple PDFs using nothing but a browser and internet connection is great.

  5. This is very interesting. PDF files are great, but difficult to work with. thanks for information

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