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I came across a great site, GoToWeb20.net, devoted to tracking and tagging Web 2.0 sites. It is a directory of over 2100 Web 2.0 applications and services. The site allows you to sort all Web 2.0 applications by name or by date. It also allows you to search for a Web 2.0 site using a tag cloud. I think Go2Web20.net has done an excellent job of putting together a collection of Web 2.0 Sites. The site has a very good user interface and is organized neatly with a Semi-Flash based liquid layout.


Here are some of the facts provided by Go2Web20.net on its site

  • A directory of web 2.0 applications and services
  • Born around mid 2006
  • 2143 logos as of Sunday, March 04, 2008
  • As a visitor, you are probably active in the web 2.0 community and you are one of those labeled as ‘early adopters’. Are you?
  • Thousands of visitors every day
  • There’s a higher chance that you’ve been here before than that this is your 1st visit here
  • Converges both Flash and AJAX technologies

In addition, a book containing a complete listing of all Web 2.0 applications can be generated at http://www.go2web20.net/book.aspx

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