Go2Web20.net: A Directory of Web 2.0 Applications

I came across a great site, GoToWeb20.net, devoted to tracking and tagging Web 2.0 sites. It is a directory of over 2100 Web 2.0 applications and services. The site allows you to sort all Web 2.0 applications by name or by date. It also allows you to search for a Web 2.0 site using a tag cloud. I think Go2Web20.net has done an excellent job of putting together a collection of Web 2.0 Sites. The site has a very good user interface and is organized neatly with a Semi-Flash based liquid layout.


Here are some of the facts provided by Go2Web20.net on its site

  • A directory of web 2.0 applications and services
  • Born around mid 2006
  • 2143 logos as of Sunday, March 04, 2008
  • As a visitor, you are probably active in the web 2.0 community and you are one of those labeled as ‘early adopters’. Are you?
  • Thousands of visitors every day
  • There’s a higher chance that you’ve been here before than that this is your 1st visit here
  • Converges both Flash and AJAX technologies

In addition, a book containing a complete listing of all Web 2.0 applications can be generated at http://www.go2web20.net/book.aspx


About Steve Yuen

I am a Professor Emeritus of Instructional Technology and Design at The University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, United States.
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7 Responses to Go2Web20.net: A Directory of Web 2.0 Applications

  1. Shenetta Booth says:

    This is unbelievable. There is finally a website that shows all the Web 2.0 programs and applications out there. I love Web 2.0 because it’s the next generation of the internet. Also, web 2.0 is made for the user and by the user. This is definitely a great way to connect to users.

    There are over 2100 applications listed on the website. There is also a search functions or search tags were I could put in a name of an application or a tag that belongs to that application that I want to find. It has no problem finding the program. All of the applications have logos, which is really functional, because of the visuals. Not only does it come with a logo, but it also come with a description of each site.

    I just used the 123 People Search and signed up just to search for my name. It only shows name and address, which you can find in the local phonebook, but it is conveniently located on the web. It’s just a click away. The 30Gigs mailbox is an awesome tool. It allows you to have as much space as possible for email. We recently talked about blogosphere in class and it was an interesting idea, so I clicked on 3bubbles to see what it was about. The hype about blogosphere is extremely powerful. Sharing ideas, talking about creations in technology are just a few things that are mentioned on this site.

    Wow! The list keeps on going. The only disadvantage is that it takes a long time for the page to load, but I am patient. It’s worth the wait.

  2. Shenetta Booth says:

    This site is saved in my favorites. LOL.

  3. Tim Bryant says:

    Dr. Yuen,

    I was wondering when Google would create a web page like this for users. Hopefully they will see this and make an effort to categorize web 2.0 websites differently. It really is like a different Internet, and deserves it’s own search engine. I found the search engine here sorely lacking, but that doesn’t diminish the usefulness of the website itself. It is still a fantastic collection, and I have already found two tools I will be using quite often – JotForm and ForLater.Net.

    It’s starting to hit me that I can build a web page of my own links to tolls I use often, and essentially “live out of a suitcase”. I don’t need all this different software installed on my computer, duh –which is the whole purpose of a network, but you have to admit that the speed of the Internet has limited these applications in the past. Now it’s just a matter of organizing all these websites into one list, such as this one, and throwing them up on the web in one spot that you would set as your home page.

    I’m going to have to get my kids in here on hairmixer, that will make for some good laughs. Apparently you can take your picture and put different hairstyles on it. My kids are hitting their teens, so their “look” is getting important to them. Will my son stay with his “Ben Affleck” look, or will he go for the “razored” hair that is all the rage right now. This is too good, I’m afraid I could waste way too many hours browsing through this stuff.

  4. nancysblog says:

    I really like this site because it combines so many different resources and makes them so easy to access. I wrote on my Word press blog how interesting it would be to see a directory like this used for educational sites. I like to think that putting training and communication sites for teachers and for students would be a useful tool. I saw the Hair mixer that would be a fun way to “tweak out” your pictures and have some fun. I like the fact that it puts so many sites at your fingertips which is something that would be a useful tool. This may be a dumb question but I wonder how different writing code is when creating a 2.0 application than what I have experience writing HTML. I think if I could create my own directory of sites I create or collect that would be a real asset on my resume.

    I am a fan of video so I really like the site such as Video Sharing for you that allow you to share video with others. It reminded me a lot of UTUBE. FIXMYMOVIE.Com was another interesting site. The entire 2.0 advertising medium is nice because it puts so many resources together that would attract a wide audience. I am interested in how this can benefit education. I hope I can use this technology to create an application similar to this one. I final pulled up the list of subjects you could search and did find some for teachers. Yaca Paca site helps to manage student records and Engrade an online grade book look like some promising web sits. I like to see the number of sites increase. I guess medium must lend it self primary for business use.

  5. Amy Thornton says:

    I am glad that there is a site like this available that lists all of the Web 2.0 applications available, but when you first go to the site it can be quite overwhelming with just a list of icons. Even the Select Tag drop-down can be overwhelming to look at because everything is joined together. I wish they would make the lists a bit more user-friendly on the eyes. Despite the fact that its not completely easy on the eyes, I will include this site in my list of resources for the Web 2.0 workshop I am developing for our faculty.

    I found a great site to share with my husband. He loves playing around with stocks and pays to one of those companies for trading, but I found Zecco.com which offers free stock trading. This way we don’t have to spend money to make money. Another site on the site that I found really interests me is mybooo.com. It allows you to access centralize your information, so that you can access the data on your computer from anywhere. It also allows you to view multimedia files without having to download them to your computer which can save loads of time. Another site that I really like is mydeco.com. It allows you to create a 3D image of what rooms in your house would look like choosing different furniture, colors, flooring, and walls. It is really cool. This is a great site to use when planning to redecorate or remodeling on your house.

    I could spend all day talking about the different cool sites. I have bookmarked this site I can go back and play around with some more sites later. Great resource!

  6. Steve Coleman says:

    This is a great resource for information. It allows you to search for the right program that will work for your particular needs. It will be a place where you can bookmark and go back to many times.

  7. Joann Snell says:

    That is an amazing collection of sites you have found! Extremly useful!

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