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Tooble is a useful application that lets you browse, search and download any video from YouTube and put it on your video iPod, iTouch, iPhone or Apple TV. You can also save these videos to watch on your computer. The best of Tooble is that it automatically converts YouTube videos to MP4 format and then sends them straight to iTunes so that the next time you plug in your iPod or iPhone they’ll be there for you to watch.

I have tried out Tooble for the past few days. I think Tooble is a great utility that allows teachers and students to download educational videos from YouTube to their iPods. Tooble has a terrific interface and is very simple to use. Tooble can be a stand alone YouTube browser that lets you search and select video from YouTube. You can navigate using the lists of featured videos, enter a search in the search bar, or enter a direct URL you already know. Once you have found the video you like, simply check it and hit the download button. Tooble will take care of the rest. It will download the video, converts it, and imports it into iTunes to be played or synced to your iPod. Currently, Tooble is only available for Macintosh, but a Windows version is in beta testing and is coming soon.

Tooble Browser

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