Tooble is a useful application that lets you browse, search and download any video from YouTube and put it on your video iPod, iTouch, iPhone or Apple TV. You can also save these videos to watch on your computer. The best of Tooble is that it automatically converts YouTube videos to MP4 format and then sends them straight to iTunes so that the next time you plug in your iPod or iPhone they’ll be there for you to watch.

I have tried out Tooble for the past few days. I think Tooble is a great utility that allows teachers and students to download educational videos from YouTube to their iPods. Tooble has a terrific interface and is very simple to use. Tooble can be a stand alone YouTube browser that lets you search and select video from YouTube. You can navigate using the lists of featured videos, enter a search in the search bar, or enter a direct URL you already know. Once you have found the video you like, simply check it and hit the download button. Tooble will take care of the rest. It will download the video, converts it, and imports it into iTunes to be played or synced to your iPod. Currently, Tooble is only available for Macintosh, but a Windows version is in beta testing and is coming soon.

Tooble Browser


About Steve Yuen

I am a Professor Emeritus of Instructional Technology and Design at The University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, United States.
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  1. houbinfang says:

    Yes, this is a brand new program. We can use it to bring the content on YouTube directly the iPod. I think programs like this are trying to help people to make things easier. When we were in Web 1.0, we can only read whatever the website offers. Then we moved into Web 2.0, so the website is two ways. We can only read, but also contribute. So the whole internet is like a family: we can enjoy the content online and we also have the right to create content to it. Some tools, like blog, wiki and others help users to write and display their work. If users have video want to show then they can upload. At the same time we can also download others’ video too. We can put them into iPod, iPhone or AppleTV. But there are some problems about the compatible issue. Some materials may not fit the devices we have. So here comes the Tooble software. It can automatically download converts and imports any YouTube video to play on your video iPod, iPhone, AppleTV, or even on your computer with iTunes. This makes our favorite videos are always with us and always ready to play, no matter where we are.
    Furthermore, Tooble’s browser lets us search and select video from the whole of what YouTube offers. We can navigate using the lists of featured videos, enter a search in the search bar, or even enter in a URL you already know; tooble gives us access to everything from the elegant comfort of a simply beautiful interface. Once we have found something we like, simply check it and hit the download button- tooble takes care of the rest, wow. Video will then be downloaded, converted to an easily viewable mp4 format, and automatically imported into iTunes. Now all we need to do is plug in an iPod, and we will have all the content we know and love right in the pocket.
    Put it simply, three steps to make it:
    1: Pick a category, enter in a URL you already know, or search like you would on
    2: When your videos show up, check any one of them to select them for download.
    3: Hit download, and you’re done! Enjoy your video.

  2. Shenetta Booth says:

    Tooble is an interesting and a fascinating application. I always like to use the programs that Dr. Yuen has on his blog so that I can get a better understanding of how they work. Tooble is enhanced with so many features that it keeps you entertained. This application is useful, but seeing that I am not a big YouTube person, this isn’t all that exciting.

    To those that do find it useful and fun, Tooble is the best app to use to download, search, or browse videos on YouTube. I think it will be a very successful app, because so many people are into video sharing now. It will be easier to search for what you want. The most important part it lets you download video to an iPod, iTouch, and even an Apple TV. Most of the standard ways to download any video is to download it in MP4 format, well; Tooble handles that with no problem.

    For education purposes, students and teachers can easily download educational videos quicker and easier. Best of all, it is a standalone application. It is user friendly and has all types of knick-knacks that are very helpful. Navigation is good and once you navigate to the video, it can easily be downloaded. It uses iTunes to convert and import videos.

    The disadvantage to this application is that it only adheres to Macs right now. The good news is that it has a beta testing stage for Windows unit. Once the programmers get the application ready for windows, people will use it more.

  3. Christopher Tisdale says:

    Tooble is a software program that is probably going to be a “life saver” to many users of the iPod, iTouch, iPhone, and Apple TV. Mississippi Public Broadcast Company bought our school iPods and some of the teachers want me to upload videos from YouTube and other websites to their iPods, which has been a struggle for me due to my inexperience with iTunes and iPods. I have only been using the iPod Nano since December of 2007, and I found it to be somewhat user friendly, but a challenge to use when completing certain tasks. From researching on how to upload videos to iPods, I think this new software is going to help many users and make uploading videos a lot easier.

    Tooble is going to save the user a lot of time. From reading the post, it appears that one would only have to download the video of choice and Tooble will do the rest of work, which is an awesome benefit to the user. It will also convert, import, and add files directly to iTunes or synced to the iPod.

    I am wondering if Tooble would be a benefit to me when I had to upload 234 videos to 10 different iPods from a CD, which took me several days. This task was a challenge to do because I really did not have clear instructions on how to perform it. It took me several hours to figure out, which consumed a lot of time, but it was a great learning experience for me.

    Using this software in education would be a great benefit to the student and teacher. I think this type of technology would capture the interest and attention of students. I cannot wait until the Windows version is ready so that I can run it on my computers, and also make my students learn the software so they can teach me. Even though I will learn software on my own, students love when they have to teach the teacher something new. It also builds a stronger bond between the teacher and student, and I love their reaction when a student says, “You didn’t know that!”

  4. Liz says:

    I’ve been using Tooble to download videos from youtube on my ipod using my mac computer, but today when I tried to download some videos from youtube, it kept telling me that “file not found” on all the videos I tried to download. Is there a problem with Tooble that I’m not aware of?
    I hope you can help me with this problem.

  5. Annie says:

    ok so i tried tooble for the first time last night, and i was really excited because i thought i finally found a youtube to ipod converter that worked for the mac. everything was going great until i sat down to watch the videos i downloaded, and there was no sound at all. this made me very frustrated, but tooble was very easy to use. But i still need help! i want to use tooble, but i also want sound with my videos!! Please help me!!

    Thank you!

  6. JARAND says:

    When I try to download a video with tooble. i get the message that the youtube video page is not “supported” I have tried this on at least a 100 videos now, and no one have downloaded. can you pleas tell me what I am doing wrong, I use a macbook OS X so i have the right software

  7. jennstyron says:

    Hi Dr. Yuen,

    As I write my 15th blog post, I am realizing, through this requirements of this assignment, the educational potential for blogs in Instructional Technology courses. As an IT student it is extremely difficult to keep up with the latest and greatest Web 2.0 tools and technology while working full time and taking graduate coursework full time however blogs are a very useful way to obtain essential information on emerging technologies that allow students to get a quick overview of a technology tool to determine the use of the tool and whether or not it would meet whatever need the student is looking for.

    For example, several weeks back I was working with a faculty member who wanted to embed a YouTube video within his presentation for a class. For fear that there might not be Internet in the classroom, the faculty member wanted to save a copy of the video on his desktop so that he would not have to rely on Internet connectivity to show the video. I previously used to use a software that would allow you to complete this task this however, the software has since been disabled.

    Had I have blogged and looked for potential solutions such as Tobble, this crisis could have been averted. Tobble is certainly interesting and I like that it uses TimeShift making it completely legal to view the videos with having to rely on Internet Connectivity. I will probably download this software and test it out however, had I not been browsing blog sites for this assignment, I would have never come across this resource.

    Thank you for sharing this information. I look forward to testing it out!

  8. wendywen says:

    現在幾乎人手一個智慧型手機,喜歡在網路上欣賞別人影片也喜歡把自己的分享在網路上,大家最常欣賞的就是YouTube上的影片,如果能把它珍藏在手機中,也能隨時去跟朋友分享為人際關係加分,就能使用這個工具tooble,此應用程序直接與YouTube進行連接。你只需要輸入YouTube的視頻鏈接, Tooble就會自動下載該視頻,這真是一個好工具。

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