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For those of you who are teachers and students and have limited disk space to keep all of your files (music, video, photos, documents, and other files) on your computer or server, ADrive could me your best solution.  You can access to your stored files from anywhere you have Internet access, at any time. The basic plan of ADrive gives you up to 50GB of free online storage, with the largest individual file size of 2 GB.  This is quite adequate for most teachers and students.

ADrive is very easy to use.  You do not need to install software on your computer and is a 100% web based service.  All you have to do is sign up for a new account and then login and begin uploading your files.  To upload a file, click the “Upload File” button from your “My Files” tab and launch the Java-powered file uploader.  If you do not see an upload tool, please make sure your Web browser has Java turned on.  You can upload from a single file to several directories.  Also, you can drag and drop files onto the applet to add them to the upload list or you can use the add button to browse your files.  Once the upload is complete, you can download the file or share it with other.  Sharing your file on the ADrive is a great feature.  It will move the file to your “My Shared Files” tab and a unique Web link will be generated that you can share with anyone on the internet. You simply email your students, friends, family, and colleagues the link to your ADrive shared file. All they have to do is open the link to download your shared file.

I think ADrive is an outstanding tool for teachers and students.  It is a quick and easy solution to backup your files online.  With ADrive in the classrooms, teachers and students don’t have to worry about running out of storage space on their local hard drive or go through hassle of using external storage devices.

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