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Footnote.com is a unique place where original historical documents are combined with social networking to create an interesting experience involving the stories of the past. The Footnote.com collections feature documents relating to the Revolutionary War, Civil War, WWI, WWII, U.S. Presidents, historical newspapers and naturalization documents.

Footnote.com is a great online repository for original documents by hosting millions of records and supports an online community of people that are passionate about a variety of topics relating to history. I think the service is particularly useful for teachers and students in social studies, history, U.S. government classes. Footnote allows students to access thousands of primary source documents and photos, and create online history reports. Students can post the URLs of their history reports online and allow others to leave comments on their reports. In addition, students can add annotations and comments to things they find on Footnote, create their own Story Pages and Spotlights, maintain a gallery of their favorite Footnote images, upload their own images to their gallery, as well as annotate and print any Free Titles or documents.


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