Educational Technology Journal Survey

Writing a journal article can be an overwhelming process.  In the planning stage, the author needs to first determine which journals would be a good fit for his/her manuscript.   The author should take time to research the potential journals and look for journals that publish similar types of work targeted for the same audiences to reach.  Information such as frequency of issue, publication format, circulation, audience, acceptance rate, refereed/non refereed, number of readings, desired length of articles, preferred style, submission and review process, and publishing fee are important that can help the author determine the target journal.

To assist prospective authors with an easy access to the information about the educational technology journals, I conducted an online Educational Technology Journal Survey a year ago to collect journal information from the editors of various journals related to educational technology.  The intent of the survey was to create an educational technology journal database that provided the important journal information needed by the prospective authors.  The survey consisted of 27 items and provided useful publication information that included journal title, name of editor, email address, frequency of issue, publication format, circulation, audience, acceptance rate, refereed/non refereed journal, number of readings, desired length of articles, preferred style, submission and review process, and publishing fee if any.

Seventy editors from various journals worldwide were identified and invited to participate in the survey.  After 6 weeks and several follow-ups, 42 editors completed the survey online with a usable return rate of 60 percent.  The results indicate that most of educational technology journals publish 4 issues per year.  Sixty-three percent of the educational technology journals are published in printed format.  The acceptance rate varies and ranges from 9% to 80%.  The average acceptance rate is about 32%.   Ninety-three percent of the journals surveyed are refereed and only 7% are non-refereed.  The number of readings required by the editorial review board ranges from 1 to 8 times with an average of 2.7 times.  On the average, author takes about 12 weeks for receiving editorial decision and another 20 weeks for getting an article to publish.  All educational technology journals participated in the survey have open submission policy and 95% of these journals have author’s guidelines available online.  Most educational technology journals prefer APA style (74%) and allow an electronic submission (95%).  Seventy-nine percent of these journals provide editorial assistance to help authors revise their manuscripts.  Ninety-five percent pay no honorarium to authors.  However, 69% of the journals provide complimentary issues to authors.

The Educational Technology Journal Survey provides many helpful information with ease to those who want to publish their papers in the field of educational technology, especially to graduate students and junior faculty who are pursuing tenure and promotion.  The complete information on all participated editors and their journals is available online at A Guide to Publication in Educational Technology Web site.   Users can use the basic and advanced search tools provided on this Web site to find the journal information before deciding on the target journal.   For basic search tools, users can search the journal information by title, refereed journal, printed format, online format, or electronic submission.  Also, an advanced search tool is provided to filter the journals based on the following criteria selected:  (a) preferred publication format (printed or online format), (b) refereed or non-refereed, (c) ranges of acceptance rate, and (d) submission format (electronic or snail mail).  Once a journal is chosen from the list provided by the search tool, the system will provide the complete journal information for the selected journal.

A Guide to Publication in Educational Technology Web site will be updated from time to time and new journal information will be added.  Editors are welcome to submit their journal information for the inclusion in the journal database.  Please contact me for online journal submission procedure.


About Steve Yuen

I am a Professor Emeritus of Instructional Technology and Design at The University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, United States.
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