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I gave a presentation “Social Networks in Education” at the E-Learn 2008 Conference in Las Vegas last week.  I want to take the opportunity here to share the presentation in my blog.  My presentation provides a brief overview of social networking in education.  Also, it presents a case study that integrates social networking into a graduate course for the purpose of building a sense of community, improving communications and interactions, and promoting student-centered collaboration.  Below is my presentation at the E-Learn 2008 Conference.

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Several weeks ago, I introduced my Educational Technology Journal Survey that was designed to assist prospective authors with an easy access to the information about the educational technology journals.  Also, I shared the complete information on all participated editors and their journals on the
A Guide to Publication in Educational Technology Web site.   Users can use the basic and advanced search tools provided on this Web site to find the journal information before deciding on the target journal.

With the help of Patrivan Yuen and Xiaojing Duan, we expanded this work and recently published an article in the Journal of Educational Technology Development and Exchange (JETDE).  Our article, A Guide to Publication in Educational Technology, provides journal information to over 40 journals that are appropriate for the publication of articles in educational technology. Also, it discusses the process of planning and writing a journal article, submitting to journals, the peer reviewing process, and steps toward publishing in academic journals within the field of educational technology. Furthermore, the guide provides tips to getting published and offers helpful suggestions.  If you are interested in reading the full article, please access the article from the Journal of Educational Technology Development and Exchange (JETDE).

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