Publishing Articles in Educational Technology Journals

Several weeks ago, I introduced my Educational Technology Journal Survey that was designed to assist prospective authors with an easy access to the information about the educational technology journals.  Also, I shared the complete information on all participated editors and their journals on the
A Guide to Publication in Educational Technology Web site.   Users can use the basic and advanced search tools provided on this Web site to find the journal information before deciding on the target journal.

With the help of Patrivan Yuen and Xiaojing Duan, we expanded this work and recently published an article in the Journal of Educational Technology Development and Exchange (JETDE).  Our article, A Guide to Publication in Educational Technology, provides journal information to over 40 journals that are appropriate for the publication of articles in educational technology. Also, it discusses the process of planning and writing a journal article, submitting to journals, the peer reviewing process, and steps toward publishing in academic journals within the field of educational technology. Furthermore, the guide provides tips to getting published and offers helpful suggestions.  If you are interested in reading the full article, please access the article from the Journal of Educational Technology Development and Exchange (JETDE).


About Steve Yuen

I am a Professor Emeritus of Instructional Technology and Design at The University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, United States.
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One Response to Publishing Articles in Educational Technology Journals

  1. Rongfei says:

    Dr. Yuen,
    I can say this is the most useful information I have ever read since my being here and started my academic journey. I have had the pleasure to read the whole article published on the first issue of Journal of Educational Technology Development and Exchange right before I came to the States, and then reviewed it several weeks ago by studying the content you put on our IT780 course website. The presentation file you created together with Mrs. Yuen was helpful for me to recall important points and connect them to my earlier memory and shallow understanding.

    The reading of this topic during those several different times provided me with different understanding and reward. The first time I read it, it was several months after I completed my graduate thesis and graduated from my Alma Malter – Yantai University. I had a general idea on academic publication after the first time reading and agreed on some of the important points you have just made – write to inform others, not to impress; the purpose is to make things clear, not complicated, and so on. Although it ironically happened to me that most academic publication, especially books, were written in a complicated, pedantic, and impressing way, I stilled believed and agreed on the points you made.

    The second and third time when I read the article and related print-outs and shared presentation slides, the topic and information made more sense to me to the extent that it covered the review process and how can you select the target to send out your article. It also covered the introductory of research types, which connects the information and knowledge I acquired from two research courses I enrolled. I said the topic made more sense to me also because I have read a considerable amount of literature during this year and a half after I read the article on the journal for the first time. It was a pity to me that I missed two publication opportunity during my studying here, one for the JETDE on educational aesthetics and one for your book on Second Life. But I knew and firmly believe that, being a scholar, the ultimate purpose is not to publish but to make good and healthy academic products and research results, so I believe as long as I bear this in mind, I will revisit the opportunities like that some day later.

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