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Besides Google Base, blist is another collaborative, Web-based database application.  blist is a visually rich, social online database.  It requires no software installation and comes with a very slick Flash interface running against a SQL backend.  You do not need to know any SQL in order to use blist.  blist offers an array of templates that can be selected for a variety of purposes, from common to-do lists to fantasy football stats.  It is very easy to create a database in blist and collaborate with your friends or colleagues.  You can simply drag field types onto a spreadsheet-like grid.  Data types include names, phones, URLs, and images.  blist allows you to easily share their databases with other blist users through the standard interface or widgets. Also, you can incorporate multimedia items like photos or videos into the databases.

I think blist has an intuitive interface that provides non-technical users the easy-to-use tools to create and manage databases online.  blist is functional and is free.  I think blist is a great tool for teachers and students.   You can give blist a try.

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