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Few months ago, PC Magazine and The Princeton Review revealed the America’s Top Wired Colleges, 2008 Edition.  It was interesting to see which universities were made the list.  In order to rank America’s Top Wired Colleges, The Princeton Review contacted 368 colleges featured in the 2009 edition of The Best 368 Colleges to complete an online survey.  The survey contained 18 questions that were grouped into categories of academics, student resources, tech support, and infrastructure. Each question was assigned a point value and weighting, and each of the overall categories was assigned a weighting.  Based on these data, they came up the top 20 most wired campuses.

The table below shows the top 20 high-tech colleges of 2008.  In addition, it provides the 2006 ranking for your comparison.  I was not surprised by the top rank, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  However, the high-tech poster child, MIT, dropped from #2 in 2006 to #20 in 2008.

Source:  http://common.ziffdavisinternet.com/util_get_image/21/0,1425,i=219119,00.gif

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