Online Web-Design Tools for the Beginner – CNET News

I read an excellent article, “Online Web-Design Tools for the Beginner,” by Don Reisinger on CNET news today.  If you’re a beginner in Web design, the following Web tools recommended in this article can be helpful to you for designing and developing your Web sites:

I find all of these tools are simple to use and they should be useful  for teachers and students who design their Web sites.  The best of all, all of the above tools are free.  For details about these tools, please read the Full Story on CNET News.


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I am a Professor Emeritus of Instructional Technology and Design at The University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, United States.
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2 Responses to Online Web-Design Tools for the Beginner – CNET News

  1. davidsmora says:

    I agree that Don Reisinger’s article, Online Web-Design Tools for the Beginner, is a fantastic resource for users looking to jump into Web design. Specifically, I was impressed with several of the tools (mainly Color Wizard, Flickrslidr and WordPress Theme Generator) Mr. Reisinger featured. These tools can help new designers produce professional designs in a very short amount of time. For example, a designer could use Color Wizard to help him decide which color scheme he should use for his Web site. Best of all, the designer doesn’t have to possess any formal knowledge of color theory!

    I was instantly drawn to Flickrslidr (partially because I’m obsessed with Flickr). Flickrslidr is a great way to display photos (via slideshow) on your website without having to know complicated HTML code. All a designer has to do is input his Flickr photostream or set URL, fill in a little information and copy and paste the generated HTML code into his site. Site visitors can then watch the slideshow automatically or scroll manually through your photos. Also, I believe educators could use this tool in a variety of ways (anything from student artwork and science projects to virtual field trips and history lessons).

    One site I thought didn’t belong on this list was Web 2.0 button generator. While this site appears to be a great way to create clean, professional looking buttons, it is not free. When I clicked the link (on this blog entry and Mr. Reisinger’s site), I was immediately redirected to the main page of My Cool Button ( The first thing I noticed when the site loaded was the $5.99 price tag attached to this tool. In any case, there are several alternatives to this mediocre button generator. I remember using CoolText ( last semester (Thanks Dr. Yuen) in my Web-based Instruction class. This site provides a fully customizable button generator for free.

    Again, I think Mr. Reisinger provides a pretty useful list of web-design tools. However, novice designers shouldn’t feel limited to this list. There are several other useful tools out there waiting to be discovered. As for me, I might change up my WordPress blog now that I know about WordPress Theme Generator.

  2. Dane Conrad says:

    I really like several of the tools listed in this post. The first one, the Color Wizard, is probably my favorite of the ones listed. I have to invariably tweak a color or two in CSS files for the multiple sites I maintain or as I create a new one for a client. I have had a site or two that I would use off and on but none are as handy as this site. The ability to put in the HEX code and see the generated color or vice versa is very nicely done. In addition, complimentary colors suggested through a variety of color schemes are handy if needing to change multiple colors on a site and needing to see them all at once before changing the CSS file. I added it to my Delicious bookmarks immediately.

    I had just recently used a different Favicon generator ( to create a favicon file for my district’s Technology Department blog, I had never created one and happened upon this site after googling and trying a few others out. The one in the list seemed easy enough so I might try to use it for some of our school sites within our district. I must admit, though, I really liked the one I found previously.

    Finally, the Web 2.0 Generator site was something one of my techs could have used a few weeks ago when editing the theme for his school’s WordPress site. He managed to find one that got the job done but I think this one might be a bit easier to use. I will pass it on to him via email later tonight.

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