Gary Hayes’ Mobile Count

Besides Gary Hayes’ social media count I introduced in my blog last week, Gary also created a mobile count showing interesting statistics driving the mobile revolution.  According to Gary, the mobile data was taken from the source articles/statistics below:

  • TechCrunchies – Mobile Video Viewers Statistics
  • AdMob June 2009 Mobile Metrics Report
  • PortioDirect Mobile Factbook 2009
  • MashableCITA report – 4.1 Billion SMS Messages Are Sent Daily USA
  • iPolicy UK – SMS messaging has a bright future
  • Research and Markets Global Mobile Broadband – Statistics and Trends
  • Smartbrief Sharp Increase in Mobile Internet
  • ABI Research In 2014 Monthly Mobile Data Traffic Will Exceed 2008 Total
  • HotHardware Huge Growth in Daily Mobile Web Access
  • Ecoustics
  • Cio GPS Enabled Mobile Phone Shipments to More than Double Over Next Five Years
  • Nielsen Americans Watching More TV Than Ever: Web and Mobile Video Up too

To see Gary Hayes’ Mobile Count running in real time, please click on the following image to launch the live counter.

Also, Gary provided some of the interesting statistics about the tremendous growth of games recently:

  • 50 million daily users of Zynga social games (Inside Social Games 2009)
  • $2.8 bill generated yearly by China MMOG players (Raph Koster 2009)
  • 16 million quests per day completed by WoW players (Maximum PC 2009)
  • $22 Billion US games revenue in 2009 (IDE Agency 2009)
  • 50 000 person to person auctions per day on Gaia
  • 1 million currency transactions per day in Eve Online ( 2009)
  • 9 games sold every second 2007 (GrabStats 2007)
  • $5.5 bill spent on virtual goods globally
  • 4.1 million new MMORPG subscribers 2009 ( 2008)
  • $125 mill advertising revenues in Social Virtual Worlds (GamineExpedition 2008)
  • 575000 log into Fantasy Westward Journey per day (Seeking Alpha 2009)
  • 250 thousand virtual goods created on Second Life per day (MarketWire 2009)
  • $594 million invested in Virtual World companies in 2008 (Engage Digital Media 2009)
  • 1.5 million new 3-11 US children subscribing to Virtual Worlds annually (GamineExpedition 2009)
  • 1 million message board posts per day in Gaia online
  • 7.5 million per month use Habbo
  • $2.45 billion per year revenue made from World of Warcraft (Edge Online 2008)
  • 13.4 million portable game units sold in 2007 (Grab Stats 2007)
  • 936 mill Chinese user hours per week in online games (78 mill @ 12 hrs pw) (Futures of Learning 2008)
  • 1250 text messages sent per second in Second Life  (Linden Lab 2009)
  • 465 million user hours in second life over the last year (Linden Lab 2009)

About Steve Yuen

I am a Professor Emeritus of Instructional Technology and Design at The University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, United States.
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3 Responses to Gary Hayes’ Mobile Count

  1. tdedeaux says:

    This is really amazing. The degree of connectivity going on is simply mindblowing.

    I see a couple of interesting trends. The first is the growth of virtual worlds, especially Second Life, and the second is the massive economy of massively multiplayer online games.

    I see that $2.8 billion was generated by China MMOG players. Is that what they call “gold farming?” In which people play the games and collect in-game items in order to sell those in-game items to other players for real-world cash?

    It’s a pretty smart thing to do, but if you’d told me 10 years ago that this would be happening, I’d never have believed you. Though I do remember that Everquest and Diablo 2 were picking up steam back then. I also remember that somebody sold an Everquest character for several thousand dollars on eBay. But making a longterm business, or job, out of it is just amazing.

    I imagine that it would get boring for the workers after a while, but I know that a lot of jobs do.

    The virtual economy overall just amazes me. The creation of clothing, buildings, personal body options, etc. in Second Life is just amazing, and while many are free, most of the highest-quality ones are not. I’ve heard that quite a few people end up making a living by creating items for Second Life.

    More and more people are involved in virtual worlds and MMORPGs (like World of Warcraft). I know that when I read Facebook and see people I went to high school with, people who never even read fantasy or science fiction novels, much less played roleplaying games, are talking WoW-speak about DPS, Servers, and so on, it blows my mind. These were “normal” kids, some very popular, others basically average, not nerds or Trekkies. When did they become geekier than me?

    It also amazes me at just how much the science fiction writers of the 1980’s got right (especially William Gibson), and just how much of what’s going on today makes their predictions look antiquated.

  2. 郁茹 says:


  3. 郁茹 says:


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