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Google introduced Google Buzz this morning and it will be available for all Gmail users in next few days.  According to Google, Google Buzz is a new way to start conversations about the things you like and is built into Gmail. I am excited about this new Google tool since I use Gmail daily to check my email as well audio/video chat with friends and family members.  It will be interesting to see how Google design a social network interface with Gmail and integrates photos, video, and links in a rich and easy-to-use sharing experience.

Google plans to make Google Buzz available to businesses and schools using Google Apps, with added features for sharing within organizations. In addition, Google Buzz will be available for mobile phones.

Well, we cannot try out Google Buzz now.  However, we can view the following videos to learn more about Google Buzz.

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About Steve Yuen

I am a Professor Emeritus of Instructional Technology and Design at The University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, United States.
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8 Responses to Google Buzz

  1. It all sounds good but how is everything related together?

  2. davidsmora says:

    Google Buzz seems like a cool way to share ideas/interests, photographs, videos and more with the entire world. I actually received a notification about Google Buzz in my Gmail account about a week ago, but I didn’t have time to look at it. After reading this blog entry, I definitely want to spend some time exploring Buzz. One of the coolest features I saw from the preview video was the ability to connect to several other Web 2.0 applications. For example, a user can directly import media (photos or videos) from his Flickr account into Google Buzz. As a user posts content to Buzz, his contacts and/or others (depending on his set privacy level) can interact with him by posting comments or sending traditional e-mail. Ultimately, I think Buzz will allow people worldwide to communicate about similar interests and hobbies.

    Additionally, I think Google was smart to develop Buzz for both computers and mobile devices. Since most people today are always on the move, Google created a mobile version of Buzz to accommodate this lifestyle. One of the preview videos showed how a mobile user can use Buzz to let his friends and/or the world know his exact location (via GPS technology). Personally, I would not broadcast my geographical information to the entire world, but I could understand why some people would. On the flip side, users could use their GPS location to indicate where a major event or news event was occurring. Despite this location feature (which can adjusted via privacy settings), Google Buzz appears to be a pretty solid application. Buzz’s interface looks very clean and cohesive with existing Google tools.

    I am also interested to see how Google will adapt Buzz for businesses and schools. From an education standpoint, I think Buzz could be really beneficial for teachers and students. Instructors could post class related materials (article links, videos) via Buzz for their students. The students, in return, could comment on these materials and deepen their knowledge of the instruction. Businesses could use Buzz for collaborative projects, company-wide announcements and podcasting. Again, I think Google Buzz has the potential to be a very powerful tool; I know I can’t wait to use it!

  3. Kaylene says:

    I too got a notice about Google Buzz in my gmail and clicked on the icon to see what it was all about. I’m not sure I understand it yet. I have dozens of friends who also use gmail and only two of them are apparently interested in what is going on with Buzz and actually post stuff. Another friend emailed me a week later to say she couldn’t handle another Facebook and would be ignoring the Buzz; don’t take it personally.

    I have one friend who probably posts 20-30 items a day. Almost all the posts are to Twitter, which is one of the great features of Buzz — it organizes all the posts from various posting sites into one place. Another friend posts directly to Buzz, mostly pictures of landscapes that he enjoys taking.

    Now that it is clear that my experience with Buzz is extremely limited, let me just say that I recognize that it has potential if it gets marketed right. My friend who opted out of Buzz probably acted a little too quickly. If she is overwhelmed by too many social networks, and really wants just one that does it all, Buzz might be her answer. The main problem I see is that all the family and friends I enjoy “following” on Facebook are not on gmail, so I still have to go to Facebook periodically to catch up. Better marketing would really help Buzz take off. And you can’t beat the convenience factor. The Buzz icon is right below my inbox link. When I glance to see if I have new messages, I can’t help but notice if someone has posted to Buzz. That’s a smart marketing idea on Google’s part.

    David makes good points about the possible use in education. Because you can make it private at times for a smaller group, it could become an easy way to conduct discussions online. And easy is important. With literally hundreds and thousands of Websites out there offering ways to make your life easier (if you could only figure out which ones you really need), this one could actually do that.

  4. Christine L. Mark says:

    First, let me say that as I now write my 10th post, the purpose of this assignment is becoming clear…I have found many things on this blog I would not have, or may not have found otherwise, and the latest is Google Buzz, which I found when selecting ‘mobile’ from the tag cloud.

    As a daily Gmail user, I think this could be a very engaging application, and I can see several good uses for the technology. I am also a Facebook user, but rarely post anything. I have never used Picasa, Flickr, or any other photo sharing websites, because, well, I’m just not a shutterbug. I have also used a blog and wiki, but uploading photos can be tedious. All of these sites require that you log in separately and then upload materials and write posts, so sometimes there are just too many applications to load, log into, and use, not to mention the drag on computer resources with a hundred applications open in the tray.

    That said, I use Gmail for my classes, and have two accounts which means Gmail is usually running quite often. So, I set my husband up as a guinea pig and set him loose on Buzz (he is the family photog anyway). Watching him work, I saw how easy it was to use Buzz.

    First, since you are already on Gmail, there is no account to create, no extra password—which I don’t need—and no hassle. A few pieces of information in a profile and voila! Second, uploading the photos was a snap as he added 19 pics of my new Harley and they all uploaded in about 30 seconds or less. No sizing, no cropping, no muss, no fuss. Press one button and they all appear…much faster and slicker than Facebook. Finally, add a Twitter-like post and you’re done… Really cool I must say.

    While not as trendy as Facebook and MySpace, and not as photo oriented as Flickr, this could be an amazing addition to the social networking fabric because of the ease of use as well as the speed of entry. And, the ability to tie in Twitter accounts, blogs, websites, etc., is a huge plus.

    I am searching for a technology to use this year as I travel on my Harley, and with the marriage of my email client with Buzz, this just might be the ticket. I can’t wait to try it myself!

  5. jennstyron says:

    Hi Dr. Yuen,

    Google Buzz certainly is interesting and exciting for GMAIL users. I am amazed by the innovations and creations of Google and am a extremely huge advocate for Google’s applications. In fact, I use GMAIL, Google Docs, Google Scholar, and now, Google Buzz on a daily basis and have also utilized Google Wave with some of my IT colleagues while working on IT projects for online courses.

    The pros I see to Google buzz at the current time is it is an extremely fast and convenient way to get updates on people with whom you are connected without having to go through and additional social networking site such as Facebook, MySpace, etc. In addition, as I have used it more heavily over the last couple of weeks I have found that most posts to Google buzz are professional and I find worth reading (many of my professional colleagues are on my Buzz) and more relevant (those that aren’t professional typically come from individuals who I am really interested in following. Often times, because you can acquire so many various friend utilizing Facebook, it is hard to keep up with those people who you are most interested in following. In addition, I like that a conversation is created between the individual who created the buzz and yourself. This is similar to a wall post on Facebook however it is easier and quicker to follow.

    The con I see to it is that it is yet another area of which I have to manage and stay connected through. Not only do I have Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Ning, etc. I know also have Buzz. I can’t wait until you are able to go to a web page, type in your statement for the day, click the social network you wish to post it on and be done! For those who are OCD and extremely organized I believe this would help tremendously for us to keep our sanity! Nothing drives me more crazy than feeling like I have 100 different venues of which I have to check in on and post information to in order to stay up to speed.

    Have you used it yet?

    Great post!

  6. Dane Conrad says:

    Like David and Kaylene, I got the Buzz notification for my gmail account about a week after the announcement. However, I haven’t really paid much attention to it because I forward my email to my school district’s Google Apps which does not have Buzz . . . yet. It also doesn’t help that Blackberry smartphones aren’t supported as of today. Really, just Droid phones and iPhones are currently supported.

    Certainly, it would seem to make sense that one of (if not THE) email providers should seek to tap into the “social stream” in some manner and Buzz appears to be Google’s current attempt. So, ideally, the user can participate in their social networks while using their email, the most common online communication tool. However, like most social tools, it has to achieve some sort of “tipping point” where users’ friends are available and interacting through Buzz too. If it can ever attract the crowd then maybe it will take off.

    Now, if it ever makes its way to Google Apps for Education, which we use in my school district, then I think it does hold some potential for teacher, administrator, student, and parent interaction. We use a ning site for some of this but having it built-in to our email system would ease some reluctant teachers into that kind of social interaction. Putting my technology coordinator’s hat on for a second, it will also be interesting to see what kind of administrative controls that Google gives to Google Apps administrators. We are forced to archive email due to litigious concerns and would need some kind of control of a user’s ability to delete a conversation history at will. We haven’t enabled the Google Chat feature for our Google Apps domain because of that concern.

  7. 郁茹 says:

    其實從Google Buzz推出後,我一直在思考在我有twitter、plurk和facebook,Google Buzz可以是什麼樣的功能?另一個分享管道?尤其是我每天用gmail和其他Google產品,我可以怎麼使用Google Buzz ?加上剛推出時Google Buzz被質疑隱私權設定不夠周詳,所以我曾經停用Google Buzz。
    直到我有了智慧型手機,試著啟用後,我發現它有幾個優點,第一,成為Google產品整合的紀錄和分享,不論是Picasa、Google reader、YouTube、blogger等,我的任何更新都會從Google Buzz分享出去,不用特別再去點選。第二,追蹤朋友的方式很容易,只要從聯絡人中去選擇追蹤就可以了。第三,不論網頁或手機的界面都很簡單,速度很快。第四,可以從gmail去收到訊息。第五,可以選擇跟twitter及Flickr等其他系統的連結。所以現在對我來說,Google Buzz等於是各個分享內容的大集合,我可以知道我分享了什麼內容出去。

  8. 郁茹 says:

    其實從Google Buzz推出後,我一直在思考在我有twitter、plurk和facebook,Google Buzz可以是什麼樣的功能?另一個分享管道?尤其是我每天用gmail和其他Google產品,我可以怎麼使用Google Buzz ?加上剛推出時Google Buzz被質疑隱私權設定不夠周詳,所以我曾經停用Google Buzz。
    直到我有了智慧型手機,試著啟用後,我發現它有幾個優點,第一,成為Google產品整合的紀錄和分享,不論是Picasa、Google reader、YouTube、blogger等,我的任何更新都會從Google Buzz分享出去,不用特別再去點選。第二,追蹤朋友的方式很容易,只要從聯絡人中去選擇追蹤就可以了。第三,不論網頁或手機的界面都很簡單,速度很快。第四,可以從gmail去收到訊息。第五,可以選擇跟twitter及Flickr等其他系統的連結。所以現在對我來說,Google Buzz等於是各個分享內容的大集合,我可以知道我分享了什麼內容出去。

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