Daily Diigo Bookmarks from Steve Yuen 05/12/2010

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About Steve Yuen

I am a Professor Emeritus of Instructional Technology and Design at The University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, United States.
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One Response to Daily Diigo Bookmarks from Steve Yuen 05/12/2010

  1. Ahu says:

    There are only 24 hours in one day!

    One haunting issue that almost certainly arises during the staff meeting of such a school seeking to implement technology in such an intense manner is the matter of teacher preparation timing and the additional burden that results for teachers, staff, and administrators.

    I have sat through several staff meetings where new and exciting ideas were presented only to be met with looks of fear and anticipation of increased unpaid preparation hours, being forced to teach/operate something unfamiliar, and the probability that very limited training and professional development would be provided. These are very real fears and stumblingblocks to teachers, particularly in early education, who are already overworked and responsible for curricular design, implementation, and assessment in addition to any technological elements which will potentially be introduced.

    Personalized or Individualized learning plans are an important, necessary, yet time-consuming requirement. Adding technology skills to this process may be important, but is it the responsibility of the classroom teacher, who himself/herself may be low in these skills? Likewise, the provision of additional multi-media, technology-enhanced lesson plans, electronic feedback, automated testing and pretesting, and technology-specific weekly and monthly learning objectives seems to be an exceptionally large burden for teachers to take in a single school year.

    If such intensive technology projects are to be implemented, then certain issues must be considered:
    1) is the implementation gradual enough to allow teachers to keep up with the pace?
    2) is paid professional development and preparation plan provided?
    3) is local IT assistance provided in a timely manner
    4) are students and parents equally involved as stakeholders, which is necessary to make the intervention a success?
    5) from an accounting perspective, is the cost of the technology expenditures compared to the depreciation rate sensible; who covers the costs?

    These are but a few hurdles that must be overcome to make any technological infusion, such as this “personalized learning via technology” feasible, let alone successful.

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