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    • Morgan Stanley’s analysts believe that, based on the current rate of change and adoption, the mobile web will be bigger than desktop Internet (Internet) use by 2015.
    • global 3G penetration is expected to hit 21% this year. In Japan, where the U.S. looks to find its mobile roadmap for the future, 96% of mobile subscribers already have 3G coverage. In Western Europe, the penetration is around 54%, just slightly above 46% in the U.S. In developing and/or economically depressed areas, including the Middle East, Africa, parts of Asia, Eastern Europe and South America, 3G penetration is still in the single digits. Morgan Stanley identifies 3G access as a key point in the success of the mobile web.
      • Other Stats of Interest

        • 48% of all Internet users come from just five countries (Brazil, Russia, China, India and the U.S.).
        • Video () accounts for 69% of mobile data traffic.
        • Facebook is the single largest repository for user-generated content such as pics, videos, links and comments.
        • Apple and Android () platforms are gaining in the mobile OS market, while Windows Mobile, RIM and Palm decline.
        • More and more, we are expecting to have access to our “stuff,” i.e. music, documents and applications, in the cloud.
        • The overlap between mobile users and social web users continues to grow; more and more users are accessing the social web from a mobile device.
        • If Skype were a telecommunications carrier, it would be the largest carrier in the world, with 521 million registered users.
        • Games are bigger than any other app category — both for the social web and for mobile devices.
        • Real-time technology and location-based services are expected to drive mobile retail.
        • Online ad sales are growing, but virtual goods, premium content and other models are big business, especially for the mobile web.
        • The average iPhone user only spends 45% of his on-device time making voice calls.

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An excellent presentation on mobile Web published online yesterday by Bryan Rieger.  Perhaps, we should we rethink the way we’ve been designing websites for mobile devices.

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Mobile Web

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I have heard all the hype about mobile being the next big thing for the past few months.  Also, I have read numerous reports predicting the growth and future of mobile Web.  According to Wikipedia, mobile Web reached an important milestone in 2008.  The transition from fixed to mobile Web use was reached when mobile access to the Internet exceeded desktop computer-based access for the first time.  A recent Morgan Stanley report indicates that the growth of the mobile web has been exponential – including the mobile devices such as the Kindle, the iPhone (iPhone) and other smartphones, web-enabled tablets, GPS systems, video games and wireless home appliances.  Furthermore, Morgan Stanley’s analysts believe that, based on the current rate of change and adoption, the mobile web will be bigger than desktop Internet (Internet) use by 2015.

Well, I think the mobile Web is here to stay whether you like it or not.  The mobile Web will soon dominate the use and traffic of the Internet.  Perhaps, it is the future of the Internet.

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