The Future of the Book

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As I wrote in my last post, books will be different in the future with augmented reality technology.  However, IDEO has different vision for the future of the book.  I think IDEO has a great idea with nice design and innovation.  For now, please take a look at the future of the book through three concepts – Nelson, Coupland, and Alice.   What do you think?  Does IDEO’s vision provoke and inspire your thoughts about the future of reading?


About Steve Yuen

I am a Professor Emeritus of Instructional Technology and Design at The University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, United States.
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One Response to The Future of the Book

  1. sirui says:

    Actually, every technology we have discussed now would do their contribution to the future state of books. For example, AR would change the old format of paper book to anything in the air without paper; mobile devices would also take the paper book to a new era, even a kind of revolution to the format of book. But I think what technology do with books is not book itself, but the changing of reading habit. Actually, this post does based on AR technology to talk about the future of book which will not be with physical material and motionless texts any more.

    Shown in the video, the future of the book have been discussed through three concepts – Nelson, Coupland, and Alice. I think those three different concepts are three different emphasis on the fields of books, which should depend on what kind of books you have and what purpose you need to do with books. If you need more interaction from the future books, Alice concept would be much proper, ‘cause its social connecting feature; while, if you need more academic data from books, I think Coupland concept would be more beneficial. No matter what kind of concepts of future books is, reading will not be an isolated thing with environment. With such technology, book could show the whole world in front of reader. Imagining that open a future book, when you want to see river, you can see real river in your book; when you want to figure out a road to go in travel-book, you can get the real routine in your book! How cool it is!

    And one more thing about the future book that I want to share is that, IDEO’s vision does provoke and inspire my thoughts about the future of reading. The change is not only the physical appearance of book, but also the reading and learning habit of people. Large amount of information would appear when the future book shows up in this way, do we need to consider learners’ real ability of acceptance?

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