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Google announced the Chrome OS Notebook Pilot Program last Tuesday and revealed that notebooks running the Chrome OS will be available in mid-2011. Chrome OS is an open source operating system for users who spend most of their time on the Web built around the core tenets of speed, simplicity and security.  Chrome OS is a brand new free operating system built around the Google Chrome browser.  It represents a major step forward for cloud computing.

Google will be distributing a notebook called Cr-48 to early adopters. These non-branded notebooks are not for sale and they are designed as a test unit.  According to Google, the Cr-48 notebook starts up in 10 seconds and weighs about 3.8 pounds with 8 hours of battery life and 8 days of standby time.  The Cr-48 notebook has a 12.1-inch screen, a full keyboard, an oversized touch pad, world-mode 3G, 802.11 Wi-Fi, and a Webcam. It has a solid state drive, the size of which was undisclosed. Processor details weren’t revealed either.  However, the specifications are quite impressive so far.

The Cr-48 is now one of the hottest technology items today.  I wish I had an opportunity to test drive one of them now.  Nonetheless, I am excited about the announcement of the Cr 48 Pilot program and welcome the Chrome OS based notebooks.  I think the Chrome OS based notebooks will help bridges the digital divide and provide great opportunity for students to create, communicate, connect, and share their works to the world.

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