40 Useful Tools for Web Designers


About Steve Yuen

I am a Professor Emeritus of Instructional Technology and Design at The University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, United States.
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1 Response to 40 Useful Tools for Web Designers

  1. ekimkaerf says:

    This collection of resources provided me with a great deal number of tools to add to my toolbox. I expected to see a bunch of things that I was already familiar with, but I found (more than not) a great collection of tools that I had never heard of. I use the Adobe products and firebug very frequently, but most of the others are new to me.
    I will (I’m sure) find some that are more valuable to me than others when I get to get in and play with them. I have heard of and used MAMP (WAMP for Windows), Google Analytics, and favicon before, but I don’t use them very often though they are great tools. I’m very excited about getting to use: 1) Typetester, 2) Em Calculator, and RoundedCorner.
    Typetester is a java application that allows web designers to test fonts, sizes, colors, and decorations then export it out to a CSS file. The size of the font is based on em and you can set the font size to base the em off of.
    EM Calculator is exactly what it says it is. EM is the size of the character “M” based on a set font size. This allows for dynamic changing and ensuring nice page resizing. EM calculator will automatically tell you what the em size is based upon the pixels that you choose.
    I am especially excited about RoundedCorner. This is a web application that allows users who are just learning how to use CSS (me) to create rounded corners. This is especially useful for me in that I can learn the aspects of CSS by looking at the code that this application spits out.
    Thanks for this collection!

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