Technology in Schools — What do High School Students Say?

A great video produced by Justin Tarte, a teacher at Seckman High School in Imperial, MO.  With the huge push for technology in schools, Justin asked what his students thought about their feelings toward technology in schools.  Here are 25 responses from his students.



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I am a Professor Emeritus of Instructional Technology and Design at The University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, United States.
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One Response to Technology in Schools — What do High School Students Say?

  1. Linda Bourland-Wynn says:

    I think the common theme of the students’ remarks on technology in school is that it helps with learning and is a necessary part of preparation to enter the work force. It’s good to see that the students realize that and are embracing it. I just wish getting technology through fiscal and red tape barriers and into the classroom would be easier. I noticed one student mentioned that he used Prezi to create a presentation and that he foresaw the potential to need that skill in the work force. I think that’s quite true and Prezi does provide an easy to use, and more visually interesting alternative to powerpoint. Another student mentioned that Facebook was a great idea because people could have discussions at anytime, not just in class. It’s good to see that he is in tune with the benefits of social networking as an educational tool and I hope he is exposed to more academic based and less cluttered versions of social networking than facebook. What struck me particularly, was the first slide that stated technology is a tool, not a replacement for traditional education. I think that technology will erase traditional learning in a misconception that many people have and one that I shared. I was somewhat dubious when I signed up for this masters program with its heavy online content. On the one hand, the heavy online component attracted me because I work full time. But on the other hand, I was not sure if the online format would give me the same quality and calibur of an education as traditional face-to-face education. Well, just a week or two into the first semester and all of my doubts were dismissed. The technology based education as a supplement to the face to face sessions has been a wonderful experience and I have done better in this program than I did in my bachelors program that was 100% traditional.

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