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I am a Professor Emeritus of Instructional Technology and Design at The University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, United States.
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One Response to How to Embed a PDF Document Into Your Website

  1. lwynn780 says:

    I should be used to it by now, but everytime I read one of these blog posts I am still amazed at the amount of content and tools available and just waiting for use. I selected this article about embedding PDF, because PDF is a format that this law office has come to rely heavily on and even the more…technologically challenged attorneys are comfortable with it. We run a hybrid paper/paperless office, so (in theory at least) every document that comes into or goes out of this office is scanned into a PDF file. One of my job duties in fact is to maintain all of my attorney’s electronic files. He still relies heavily on paper, but leaves it to me to send and receive and properly organize all of the data electronically. My attorney alone handles about 200-250 active files and we also work with other attorneys on their case load within the firm. So this article link sent me to and that’s a site I could spend all day just exploring. Within a glance I saw a dozen applications that could be useful, time saving and cost effective to this firm. I particularly like the idea of embedding PDF into our firm website, because it is a better visual presentation to show off our work product. Our firm website is professionally developed and maintained and looks as slick as it can, but it is also somewhat cold. In case you are already in the legal industry, you may have difficulty determining what exactly it is we do here, just be looking at our website. Being able to easily embed a PDF would allow us to “liven up” our website by being able to display (nonconfidential) work product. For example, when we win important land mark cases, we could embed the PDF of the Judge’s ruling on the case in our favor. We could embed PDF’s of charitable organizations we sponser, and I think it would look warmer and more interesting than just reciting the information in plain text. I have a lot more reading to do on, but I am definitely adding it to my Diigo right now.

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