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I am a Professor Emeritus of Instructional Technology and Design at The University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, United States.
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3 Responses to Creating an Effective online Portfolio

  1. Linda Wynn says:

    As with all of the posts on this blog, this is another article that offers a lot of valuable resources in the creation of an online portfolio. IT 644 was my first exposure to the idea of an online portfolio, and I love the concept of it. So much networking and blogging is dedicated to social pursuits, but business pursuits are even more important and worthwhile. I notice that the author of this article does not have many “cons” to list about WordPress. I tried to use WordPress for the blogfolio in IT 644 and found the navigation too difficult, so I opted for blogspot. This semester (IT 780), since we’re required to use WordPress, I was a little intimidated about how well I would be able to complete this assignment, but as I began developing the blog, however, it was completely accessible and with some practice, quite easy to develop. The hardest part was thinking up content. I like the organization of this article with tips of portfolio design as well as links to resources. The most effective way to perfect a professional online portfolio is through experience- you have to dive in and learn the tools, and this is a great “one stop shop” to all of the resources one might need.

  2. keenon wynn says:

    Last semester was the first time I ever put a blog together as a portfolio. I really never thought about doing a collection of work “online”. I am doing another blog this semester and would like to make it a little more professional this time. What I like best about the blogfolio concept is that it can be used as an online resume. What better way to make a big splash in a technological world of work than with an online resume filled with work samples?

    In comparing the two sites that I used, and WordPress, I would have to say that Word press has more of a professional tone. If I decide to generate another master and link my twitter account and the two other blogs I would most likely use WordPress.

    The article was very comprehensive in its tip. It was good to see that that I was already doing most of what was suggested. I do plan to go back and refine my blogfolio when all is said and done to give a more career oriented look. Right now it looks like a blogfolio that a college student put together for a class. As mentioned blog are mostly used for pursuits of interest but can indeed be used for business.

  3. Gallayanee says:

    Portfolio has become an important tool for many careers such as interior designer, fashion designer, fashion merchandising, graphic designer, and educator. For students in these majors, portfolio is also used as tool to gain competitive edge as way to effective communicate their experience, skills, and competencies. Online portfolio has become more and more popular because of economic crisis, job descriptions changed, and impact of technology. Teaching students to create effective online portfolio is critical. Textbooks about online portfolio often outdate quickly after its releasing. This website, in my opinion, is very helpful as a teaching tool. It offers tips, tools, and examples of other strong online portfolios.

    This website can serve as a good resource for my professional presentation class. Tips for building strong and effective online portfolio are useful. In addition, some tips (e.g. know your objectives and about me page) can be used as small assignments for students to build strong online portfolio. I like the information about the pros and cons of each popular online portfolio website. However, I think several websites are not appropriate for classroom teaching, except I did not mean that these tools are not good for an online portfolio. These tools are more appropriate for professional. For class, I need a website or Web 2.0 application that allows me to access my students’ account without having their ID and password. So, I can give feedback easier. Additionally, the ability for their peers to help provide constructive feedback is necessary. I think wikis might be the best tool for starting students on online portfolio. It can be made private or public. It is very easy to use. Students can give me and their peers an ability to comment in their online portfolio. Last but not least, examples of online portfolio are helpful. Students need example and inspiration. I believe once students learn on how to build a strong and effective portfolio they can then decide to use any tool they want.

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