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I am a Professor Emeritus of Instructional Technology and Design at The University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, United States.
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One Response to Best Free Online Applications and Services

  1. lwynn780 says:

    Best Free Online Applications and Services is a great reference for people like me, who chronically underuse all that the web has to offer. There are so many things I liked about this article. I like that everything was divided into sub categories. I liked that the article featured cross-platform services (especially since I live in a Windows/Mac house). The entire offering of this article literally could not be any easier or accessible. I think that is what I like most about it (besides the free part). A user like me and feel perfectly at ease diving into the different applications without feeling intimidated or overwhelmed. The best way to learn technology is to play with it.

    I clicked on the link to Scribd, which I had never heard of and it pulled up my facebook profile with my name and pic and was ready for me to start reading and sharing. I probably won’t use Scribd (I was looking for something for file sharing within my law firm and this did not fit) but the ease of accessibility of Scribd was astonishing.

    Furthermore, the list of tools is enormous! I’m still scrolling through it! I’m a little over half way down the list and I have looked at everything from tax filing software to desktop wall paper tools (which I could lose hours playing with). The point is, there is so, so much out there, so much of it is free and more powerful than we realize. It doesn’t make sense not to take advantage of the web tools available to us.

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