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I am a Professor Emeritus of Instructional Technology and Design at The University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, United States.
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2 Responses to dushare

  1. lwynn780 says:

    Sharing is one of the most important technology applications in the legal profession. We have enormous files to transmit (often many times over), but they must remain absolutely secure and confidential. Furthermore, it is a challenge to find applications that attorneys (most of whom are quite mistrustful and unskilled with technology) can use easily. Recently, I had an expert that was flying into Mississippi from the midwest to testify at his deposition. Hours before he boarded his flight, we received 1700 pages of additional documents he needed to have to testify in his deposition. Our email could not handle it and it was too late to burn the information to a disc or flash drive. I had been using yousendit.com for these types of situations, but it has its set backs. I pay for yousendit myself, and while $10 a month will not break the bank, it’s still money on my credit card I would rather not have to spend. The $10 package allows 5 files or 2GB (whichever comes first) downloadable for a period of 14 days or 500 downloads. Most attorneys and experts I use yousendit with have trouble using the links to download the information, or they only think to save it to their hard drives AFTER the links have expired (no one ever accused lawyers to be geniuses). In situations of needing to transmit hundreds of photographs, it would still take numerous yousendit emails, and ends up being just as time consuming. That’s why I was really glad to see dushare. It meets my security needs (I like that fact that my confidential material is not sitting on an unknown server). It is lightening fast and it is unlimited in file size. I have just emailed one of the partners in the firm (the attorney who is most tech savvy) and informed him of dushare. The only drawback I see to dushare is that both parties of the transaction have to be “on the line” at the same time (at least, I have not figured out how to send a file and come back later and claim a file without the first peer being connected). Still, I think this tool will come in quite handy in many occassions, especially those last-minute-before-a-deadline file transfers that happed quite often around here!

  2. Michael T. says:

    When I read the tags as I was waiting for this post to load I saw the abbreviation P2P and immediately the nuclear warning siren was going off in my head. I have spent the last 10 or so years, after the collapse of Napster, fixing people’s computers from the misuse of p2p networks. I have warned them against the dangers of downloading things from random users and all that jazz. Not to mention that it has been illegal for them to download the music and the movies that they have been getting.

    The very first that I noticed when I went to Dushare is that there are no ads, the services are free, and they claim that they don’t collect or share any information. I’m not saying that this service is not legit, but I can’t understand how they can support this service. It may be that Dushare is just one of many applications owned by a larger business, but I’ll need to research more about it.

    My concerns about the legality of this web application are mostly comforted. This service is a way for 2 people to share files and Dushare states that they have no knowledge about what you share. This removes them from liability and leaves the users responsible for doing anything illegal.

    Security seems great because there is a password and 128 bit encryption. There is no opportunity for someone to insert malicious things in because it is a secure connection between two computers.

    This is an interesting application and I will be glad to be looking into this one more.

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