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Flubaroo is a free tool that helps you quickly grade multiple-choice or fill-in-blank assignments.     Besides grading, Flubaroo also calculates average assignment score, computes average score per question, and flags low-scoring questions, shows you a grade distribution graph, and gives you the option to email each student their grade, and an answer key.

In order to use Flubaroo, you must have a Google Docs or Gmail account.  I think Flubaroo is a useful tool for teachers to grade online assignment.  It helps teachers get reporting and analysis on student performance as well as email scores to students.



About Steve Yuen

I am a Professor Emeritus of Instructional Technology and Design at The University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, United States.
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5 Responses to Flubaroo

  1. Gallayanee says:

    When I read about “Flubaroo” from Dr. Yuen’s blog entry, I am excited to learn new and easy online tool that it is free and works well with Google Docs. I visited the Flubaroo site, read the review, and watched their 3-minute video tutorial. I think Flubaroo is very user friendly. All instructions are easy to follow. Also, Flubaroo encourages users to give them feedback, ideas, or comments and join their discussion group. I believe that Flubaroo tries to build their users community where they can help Flubaroo to grow and develop more useful applications. Even though in order to use Flubaroo, one needs to have Google Docs or Gmail account. I don’t think this would be an obstacle for anyone since Google Docs is easy to use and popular among teachers in all education levels. In fact, several higher educational institutions adopt Google Applications for their schools and switch school email to Gmail.

    I agree with Dr. Yuen that Flubaroo is a useful tool for teaching and learning. It can be used for grading assignments and online testing. Although Flubaroo does not offer any fancy feature, it provides adequate features to grade multiple-choice or fill-in-blank types of assessment. In addition, Flubaroo can calculate necessary result (e.g. mean testing score) and display graph for teachers. Flubaroo allows teacher to email individual student their grade and an answer key while some of the online exam websites charge users for this service.

    While exploring on Flubaroo website, I can’t help but imaging the possible features Flubaroo might be able to offer in the future. For example, Flubaroo might broaden their service to work with other web applications similar to Google Docs (e.g. Zoho). Additionally, Flubaroo might be able to grade other types of assessment such as matching. In conclusion, I can see a possibility for Flubaroo to grow and develop more applications to benefit teaching and learning. Furthermore, I believe that Flubaroo’s users may play significant role in this advancement through discussion group and their feedback/ideas/comments.

  2. Leslie Rasmussen says:

    Flubaroo appears to be a really neat tool. If it can help teachers speed up the grading process, maybe they’ll have more time to do other things to create better learning? I am not a huge fan of the multiple choice-style tests; I prefer more application-style exams. However, I do realize there are times when the MC-style is necessary and if Flubarro can save an hour or more of grading time, then I’ll welcome it with open arms. I spent some time playing with the site and seems easy to use. The previous poster mentioned that user’s may play a role in advancing the tool with their feedback and suggestions – I couldn’t agree more. Most tools can be improved from user feedback, not just Flubaroo. The possibilities seems pretty great already, so I’d be curious to see where it goes after a year or two of use.

  3. Michael T. says:

    This is great! I’ve used Google Docs before for grading my tests. I used a form then I did pretty much exactly what Flubaroo’s script does (except I just did it by using formulas within the spreadsheet because I don’t know how to write scripts for Google docs). The sheet that I did graded all the students scores and gave them averages. It told me who missed what and if there was a potential problematic question. It also color coded each of the students grades by letter grade.

    My biggest problem for this process was trying to show people or teach people how they could do this. https://sites.google.com/site/googdocsismyfriend/
    That is a site where I attempted to walk people step-by-step through the process of creating a test in Google Docs and then have it graded automatically.

    I am glad that I figured all that out, but I’m very glad that I know about Flubaroo now. This tool seems like it would be a great asset for teachers who are willing to use Google Docs for testing, but don’t know a whole lot about spreadsheet formulas (or who just doesn’t have the time or desire to make their own). This tool is automated and easy. I’m not sure how it can email everyone though, unless you have an email field that the student fill out in their test.

    I’d be interested in seeing how they wrote the script (maybe through Google developers) and how I can build on these ideas. I’ve often wished that there was a way for me to be able to automate this task but I just couldn’t figure out how. This is a great tool!

  4. Barbara yalof says:

    I love Flubaroo. However, I have not been able to use the “regrade” feature. It will ask if I understand that all previous info will be deleted, and I say OK, but the same old stats come right back. Anyone?

  5. 個人覺得使用評量工具進而將成績分級,此結果攸關選秀選才的公平性。





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