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I am a Professor Emeritus of Instructional Technology and Design at The University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, United States.
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2 Responses to Amazon Cloud Drive

  1. Michael T. says:

    As a long time Amazon user, I was very interested and curious as to what Amazon Cloud Drive had to offer. I immediately was drawn in by the allure of the free 5gb (as compared to Google Docs 1gb). I signed up using my Amazon account and I was in. The interface is clean and snappy, but there are very few features. There is no sharing capabilities, no editing capabilities, and not much else other than online storage and backup.

    I am way ok with this because of another feature that I’ve been wanting for a while. Amazon Cloud Drive also offers the Cloud Music Player. This player has a desktop application and an Android application that will allow you to store your music (bought from Amazon or otherwise) on the cloud drive and play it on your player(s). The songs that you upload will show up on your phone once you have tried to play them and checked the agreement on your desktop. All my songs that were not in protected formats showed up and sound great. This is not a big deal unless you have a bajilion songs in iTunes in the dreaded m4p “protected” ** aggravating** format. Amazon can’t play these files cause they’re locked up by Apple.. grr… thats another discussion though.

    So I guess it seems that once again I will use the best tool that fits the job and not stick to one exclusively. I’m sure that I will use Amazon for backing up documents and occasionally really big files (up to 2gb) and playing music. I will use Google Docs for the ease of use of the forms and spreadsheets. I am still trying to differentiate Microsoft Sky Drive and Google Docs features. We’ll see and talk about that in another post I’m sure.

    Once again, the best tool will be used for each situation. I will continue to use Google Docs for many things, Microsoft Sky Drive for others, and now Amazon Cloud Drive for others.

  2. Amy Payne says:

    The Amazon cloud drive was an interesting post for me. While I knew it was out; I was not aware of its technical features. It is a free cloud drive that provides 5 Gigabytes of free online storage space accessible from any computer.

    While the link does not discuss its competitors it looks very similar to Google Apps and Windows Live sites. Google Apps provides 5 GB along with the Microsoft Office applications that can be created live in the browser. Windows Live has the Microsoft Office features too where a document can be uploaded, edited, and stored live in the browser, however, it provides 25 Gigabytes of free online storage. So far I have not found a sky drive providing this much storage for free. Amazon does provide additional storage plans of 20 GB to 100 GB at a cost of $1 per GB available in 20 GB increments. If an individual purchases an MP3 album from the Amazon store they will receive 20GB of free storage for a year. My thought is why would I want to pay when I can receive 25 GB on the Windows Live site at no charge?

    The article makes no mention of including features such as the Microsoft Office applications. Features that it highlights are songs and audio/MP3 files. This causes me to assume that this sky drive is targeted more towards the management and storage of song/MP3 files.

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