Creating an Online Course Based on E-Learning 2.0 Concepts

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I gave a presentation “Creating an Online Course Based on E-Learning 2.0 Concepts” at the 2011 TxDLA 14th Annual Confernce in San Antonio, Texas last week.  I want to take the opportunity to share my presentation here with my blog subscribers.  This presentation provided an overview of e-learning 2.0 concepts and described the process of designing, developing, and teaching an online course based on e-learning 2.0 concepts.  Also, lessons learned and students’ feedback regarding their opinions and experiences on taking my online courses based on e-learning 2.0 concepts were discussed in the presentation.  Below is an online version of my presentation at the 2011 TxDLA Conference.  Please feel free to provide suggestions and comments.  Thanks.


About Steve Yuen

I am a Professor Emeritus of Instructional Technology and Design at The University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, United States.
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One Response to Creating an Online Course Based on E-Learning 2.0 Concepts

  1. 在數位學習的領域裡, 課程整合的觀念逐漸向 SCORM 標準靠攏, 有必要對 SCORM 標準的原理有瞭解後, 才能有所發揮. 準備數位教材是非常發時間地, 它的精神和原理就像玩樂高積木一樣, 講求元件化, 對於有軟體背景的人而言, 聽起來是不是很熟悉, 當初 Software IC 的觀念也是喧譁一時, 這是一條漫長的路, 也是必須走的路, SCORM 標準的形成, 是一件好事.
    SCORM 特性有:
    可重用性 (Reusable): 學習內容易於修改且可提供給不同 開發工具使用 。

    可存取性 (Accessible): 學習者可以再任何時間 、 任何地點 獲取適當的學習內容。

    持久性 (Durable): 當系統軟體版本更新或改變時 , 不須重新 修改教材內容 。

    互通性 (Interoperable): 教材可以在不同的平台來使用 。

    可適性 (Adaptable): 根據學習者的學習狀況來彈性調整課程 。

    經濟性 (Affordable): 能以經濟有效的方式開發教材。

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