The Growing Threats of Mobile Malware

Mobile malware numbers skyrocketed in the past year. According to the Malicious Mobile Threats Report 2010/2011 by Juniper Networks’ Global Threat Center in May 2011, enterprise and consumer mobile devices are exposed to a record number of security threats, including a 400 percent increase in Android malware, as well as highly targeted Wi-Fi attacks.  Key findings include:

  • App Store Anxiety: The single greatest distribution point for mobile malware is application download, yet the vast majority of smartphone users are not employing an antivirus solution on their mobile device to scan for malware
  • Wi-Fi Worries: Mobile devices are increasingly susceptible to Wi-Fi attacks, including applications that enable an attacker to easily log into victim email and social networking applications
  • The Text Threat: 17 percent of all reported infections were due to SMS trojans that sent SMS messages to premium rate numbers, often at irretrievable cost to the user or enterprise
  • Device Loss and Theft: 1 in 20 Juniper customer devices were lost or stolen, requiring locate, lock or wipe commands to be issued
  • Risky Teen Behavior: 20 percent of all teens admit sending inappropriate or explicit material from a mobile device
  • Droid Distress”: The number of Android malware attacks increased 400 percent since Summer 2010

Just today, Mashable posted an excellent infographic on the current state of mobile malware that was created by Bullgard.  I think we should take necessary precautions when using our mobile devices from now on.

State of Mobile Malware Mashable Infographic


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I am a Professor Emeritus of Instructional Technology and Design at The University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, United States.
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One Response to The Growing Threats of Mobile Malware

  1. wendywen says:

    平時使用電腦最害怕的就是電腦中毒 ,現在大家都普遍使用智慧型手機,也是會出現所謂的手機中毒,但會中毒有時候還是跟使用者使用習慣有關,現在這些惡意應用程式最可怕的是會被用來侵犯個人隱私、監控移動設備以及讓使用者因為一些額外費用而花掉不必要的錢,避免個資外洩或遭受惡意程式攻擊,最好的方法應該是, 不要輕易從來路不名的網站下載程式、不瀏覽可疑的網站、一定使用手機內建的防護裝置,並記得安裝手機防毒軟體。

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