Social Media in Education

Social media is growing by leaps and bounds. Many colleges and universities in the United States are now embracing social media on their campuses. The infographic “Pros and Cons of Social Media in Education” shown below is an excellent infographic produced by It takes a look at how educational institutions have fared with social media over the last few years.

Surviving the College Dining Hall
Via: Online Universities Blog


About Steve Yuen

I am a Professor Emeritus of Instructional Technology and Design at The University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, United States.
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One Response to Social Media in Education

  1. wendywang says:

    這篇文章針對幾所大學學生使用Social media的問卷調查,似乎facebook and blogger and Twitter 真的是全世界通行的好社群媒體,提到教師可以主導平台內容的建立與安排,當然如果只靠電腦工程師管理平台的經營,會讓社群平台流於形式,只能讓學生繳繳作業以及教師ˋ上傳教材而已,但如果教師花多點時間在與學生互動以及主導學習內容的豐富度,我相信對於讓學生可以盡情揮灑想法的美意才能真正實現,學校可以透過平台轉達訊息給學生,真的好想看看台灣在大學中應用社群媒體的教師比重如何,好難起頭。

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