What happens in an Internet Minute? 2016 vs 2017

Credit to:  Excelacom

Interesting Points:

  • Most major players keep on growing: Facebook, Netflix, email, Uber, the App Store, Amazon, Twitter, Instagram, Spotify, Google, YouTube & Whatsapp.
  • Some platforms disappeared from this data analysis: LinkedIn, Vine & Tinder.
  • While some new ones made it: Pandora, Twitch & Bumble.
  • Snapchat has been skyrocketing in a year, evolving from 500K photos shared every minute in 2016… to almost 7M videos viewed every 60 seconds on the platform, which represents 70% more than video pioneer YouTube!
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Top 9 E-learning Predictions for 2017

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Top 8 eLearning Trends Infographic

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Driving a Digital Evolution in Education Infographic

6 Ways Technology Is Driving a Digital Evolution in Education Infographic
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Credit to: http://www.activo.ca

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