mLearning in-the-Moment

This mLearning in-the-Moment Infographic breaks down the various mobile learning opportunities that can be built to serve your employees throughout critical learning and performance moments.

mLearning in-the-Moment: Learning Right When It’s Needed Infographic

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10 Striking Statistics About Mobile Training

Traintool provides some interesting statistics on mobile training

10 Striking Statistics About Mobile Training Infographic
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Insights from Coursera’s 2017 Learners’ Outcomes Survey

Interesting results from Coursera’s 2017 Learners’ Outcomes Survey:

  • Career and educational benefits remain high: 84 percent of career-focused learners who completed courses reported career benefits; and among education seekers, 93 percent reported educational benefits. These numbers remain consistent with the survey results we reported in 2015.
  • Many also report personal benefits: To better understand the less-tangible but still valuable benefits of completing an online course, we’ve added new questions about personal growth to our survey. Our recent analysis found that 72 percent of learners who completed a course reported gaining confidence, and nearly 50 percent reported benefits from connecting with peers around the world.
  • Less-advantaged learners benefit more: Learners seeking career and educational advancement were more likely to report benefits if they came from developing economies, hadn’t completed a bachelor’s degree, or were of lower socioeconomic status.

How Are People Globally Benefiting from Online Learning Infographic

Source: E-Learning Infographics

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The Future of eLearning Infographic

The Future of eLearning Infographic will provide you with comprehensive insights on the marketplace, emerging trends and Cloud Based eLearning.

The Future of eLearning Infographic
Source:  Elearning Infographics

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