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An Introduction to Screen Readers

Victor Tsaran is an accessibility engineer at Yahoo! who focuses on developing best practices for the creation of websites that work well with screen readers.  He created a video to give an overview of screen reader software and explain the … Continue reading

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Accessibility Testing

After adopting an accessibility standard and guidelines, the educational Web site can be checked against the standard using automated and application-based tools. The validation tools can help you determine the level of compliance. One of the useful tools is the … Continue reading

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Tips for Making Your Web Site Accessible

The Web offers independence and freedom and provides so many new opportunities to learners. However, these independence, freedom and opportunities will be become reality for all learners unless all educational Web sites are created with Web accessibility in mind. As … Continue reading

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Web Accessibility

The Web offers an unprecedented tool for teaching and learning. Unfortunately, the Web also creates many obstacles for learners with disabilities when accessing the Web. Today, approximately ten percent of the general population has some form of disabilities that will … Continue reading

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