My Teaching Philosophy

I believe that real learning requires active participation and commitment of both the student and the teacher. Learning should be challenging, stimulating, interesting, and rewarding. Toward this goal the teacher must provide guidance, encouragement, and a sense of shared purpose to create an environment that enhances the student’s ability to learn. Part of this environment is a teacher’s contagious enthusiasm for the subject matter, which can stimulate a student’s intellectual curiosity and interest. I believe that teachers need to be sensitive and have genuine concern for the students’ education. I am concerned with both the technical and real world preparation of my students. My goal in teaching is to provide the necessary learning environment and to spark students’ interest and encourage them to pursue learning for their own sake.

Each student is unique and each has a preferred style of learning. I often use a combination of the teaching methods to guide different students toward subject proficiency in the way most natural for the individual. No one is “dumb” and I expect every student in my class to learn and succeed. Every student is entitled to the personal, equal dignity of human being. I always set high standards for the students, but then I do everything I can to help the students reach them. I demand that the students work hard and be responsible in their learning. I strongly feel when students leave my classes they have learned something, gained something, gotten new insights. I always treat the students with respect and concern for their achievement. I have found that the students deeply appreciate my attitude toward them and their learning.

I always challenge my students to break away from traditional thinking, achieve a little more than what they thought they were capable of, and encourage learning for the joy of learning, not merely for a letter grade. I see my role as a facilitator, a guide, a tutor, a mentor, a motivator, and a friend who must provide the students with the knowledge and means of succeeding in their professional and personal lives and inspire them to pursue lifetime learning.

I believe that teaching and research are not independent endeavors, but rather are synergetic processes. I have experienced how my teaching and research can benefit from one another and have increasingly sought to foster the synergy between them. I believe my research has enriched my teaching. It has helped me to keep up the current technology and its development but also exposes me to fresh ideas and thinking. I cannot imagine how I could continue to excite my students about the subject if I were not excited about the rapid changing of technology and the research and development in the field.

I feel it is important that I, as a teacher, be available to my students whenever they require additional help with their studies. I keep ample office hours, encourage office visits, and regularly consult with students through e-mail. I value working with students. Students are very important to me. I enjoy not only the teaching aspect of working as a college professor, but also the “fringe benefits” of the job — making a difference in someone’s life!

Courses Taught Recently

  • GI 107 E-learning Theory and Practice
  • GI 110 Research and Development in Hypermedia
  • GI 308 Research and Practice in Educational Technology
  • GI 405 Research in Educational Technology
  • GI 310 Mobile Learning
  • IE 313 Computer Networks
  • IT 365  Computer Applications in Education
  • IT 375  Web-based Tools
  • IT 469/569  Multimedia Design and Development (Hybrid)
  • IT 644  Advanced Hypermedia Development (Hybrid)
  • IT 648  Telecommunications in Education (Online)
  • IT 709  Administration of Instructional Technologies (Online)
  • IT 740  Interactive Instructional Media (Hybrid)
  • IT 753  Instructional Applications of Interactive Video (Hybrid)
  • IT 755  Web-Based Instruction (Hybrid)
  • IT 780  Seminar in Instructional Technology (Hybrid)
  • IT 860  Emerging Technology in Instructional Technology (Online)
  • ZD 101 Web-based Multimedia Design and Development

2 Responses to Courses

  1. 今天我們無論在中學或小學教書,一定要受過相當的師範教育,或取得教育行政機關檢定合格的證書。此外,我們還要遵照政府的規定,不斷地接受在職訓練,如短期講習和進修等,藉以吸收新的觀念和知識。

    • wendywang says:


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