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The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development in the State of Victoria, Australia released 2 publications in January 2011 on iPads in Education.  These 2 digital books are free to read online or download.  They are useful for schools whose plan to introduce iPad in their classrooms.

iPas for Learning - Getting Started

iPads for Learning – Getting Started:  Classroom ideas for learning with the iPad: Resource book for schools

iPads for Learning: 21 Steps to 1-to-1 Success

iPads for Learning – 21 Steps to 1-to-1 Success: a handbook for planning, preparing, implementing and evaluating iPad programs

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Free E-learning Books

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As I fully expected, books in the future will never be the same.  Today, books go digital as well as online.  In addition, books are now using AR technology.  AR is definitely the next big thing in bridging the gap between the digital and physical world.  Metaio in Germany developed an AR book entitled “The Future Is Wild.”  I think it is quite impressive.  You can learn more about this AR book from the video shown below.

Researchers at Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST) in South Korea came up with the AR pop-up books (Digilog Books) that display 3D characters when the reader is wearing a special pair of glasses.  As shown in the below video, GIST overlaid 3D models onto each page to provide AR experience to readers. The system works in real-time with 30 fps and supports about 300 pages without losing real-time performance.

Also, Institute for the Promotion of Teaching Science and Technology in Thailand developed a 3D augmented reality textbook on geology.  This AR book teaches students about the different layers of the earth, how are they discovered, how do they related and function, siesmic waves, comparative sizes, and more.

I anticipate that more textbooks will be published with AR technology in the very near future.  I think AR is exciting technology that has great potential of offering students with unique 3D presentation and interaction experience.  It will be appealing to our digital native learners.

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Shelfari is a book centered social network where members can catalog, tag, review, and discuss books. With Shelfari, you can create virtual bookshelves of books you have read, plan to read and currently own. Your bookshelf is literally a shelf that allows visitors to browse through your book collection. You can search for books by title, author, ISBN and subject, or import a text file from services like Delicious Library or LibraryThing. You can sign up for free and register an unlimited number of books.

Shelfari has a simple interface with some great features and the best of social networking, Also, Shelfari comes with a Shelfari widget with a sleek look and simple interface. The Shelfari widget works on most blogs and social networks, including Blogger, Typepad, Xanga, and Vox. I like Shelfari and think it is a great tool for teachers and librarians. They can use Shelfari to share books with their students and colleagues as well as post the new book collection in their library.

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