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Snapping photos with a digital camera is easy. Sharing your pictures to colleagues, students, friends and family can also be fast and easy. Today’s photo sharing services make organizing, storing, and sharing digital photos convenient, easy, safe and most importantly-fun. There are many free online photo sharing sites that allow you to upload your photos to online albums and invite people to view them. Some of these photo sharing sites allow you to add notes and tags to each photo. In addition, they allow viewers to search your online albums and leave comments and notes on each photo as well. You can post your pictures for private view where only your private group can view the photos and offer feedback on your pictures. In addition, your photos can be geotagged, a process that links your photo with the geographical location of the source of the photo, permitting a visual, geographical study of a particular location or place.

If you are looking for a free online photo sharing site, you may want to consider one of the following sites:

These sites provide free accounts. They are great for teachers and students to post digital photos and use them in teaching and learning. Teachers and students can share their pictures of important school events, class activities, field trips, digital storytelling projects, displays, illustrations, and special occasions. However, using these free online photo sharing sites in education is not without concern. Caution should be used when searching specific topics and a discussion with students about what should take place when inappropriate imagery is located should be done prior to use. As always, the use of these photo sharing sites in the classroom should be closely monitored and balanced against the climate and culture of the school or school district.

If you have used these free photo sharing sites, you have an opportunity here to vote for your favorite site. So, which is the Best Photo Sharing Site?

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